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Will OnePlus’ New Game Changing Product Be A Drone?

by Terry Bass · 2 days ago · 4 Comments · 745 views


At OnePlus’ latest AMAA Reddit session yesterday, Carl Pei, the Global Director of OnePlus, and OnePlus employee David touched a little on its upcoming “game changing” product. During the session, it was even mentioned that this product will not be a smartwatch or a tablet, but could be a drone instead.

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Purported Images of LG G4 (or G4 Note) Leaked

by Andrew Cheng · 2 days ago · No Comments · 710 views


LG may have been quiet about the LG G4 lately, but that doesn’t mean the Korean company isn’t hard at work on it. Previously, we only had press renderings of the upcoming smartphone, but thanks to a forum member on XDA-Developers, we now have actual images of the LG G4 (or the G4 Note).

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Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Supports microSD Card, But Loses Several Features

by Andrew Cheng · 2 days ago · 2 Comments · 1.8k views

xcover-3-2The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

Samsung fans who have been complaining about the lack of a removable battery and a microSD card slot on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will be happy with the Galaxy S6 Active. As it turns out, this ruggedised flagship might just have the two features its “normal” variants lack. This, however, comes at a few sacrifices.

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Microsoft Is Allegedly Making A New Surface, But It Will Not Be The Surface Pro 4

by Farhan · 3 days ago · 1 Comment · 3k views

Computex 2014 - Microsoft Surface Pro 3 08

Microsoft looks to be building a successor to its Surface lineup, but it appears to be the lower end Surface 3. Despite the lack of “Pro” tag, it will still be running on Windows 10; which is another indication that Redmond is more than happy to pretend that Windows RT was a bad dream.

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Xiaomi Ferrari Specs Listed on GFXBench, Mid-Range Smartphone with Full HD Display

by Huei Song · 4 days ago · 3 Comments · 1.7k views

Xiaomi Ferrari Listed on GFXBench

It looks like Xiaomi is working on a new smartphone codenamed the Xiaomi Ferrari. The device recently made its way into GFXBench’s listing, showing off the specifications on board.

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Leak: Bezel-Free Oppo R7 Gets Demoed in Video

by Huei Song · 4 days ago · 5 Comments · 3.2k views

Oppo Bezel Free Phone

A couple of days ago, pictures of a bezel-free device from Oppo started to make its round around the internet. If you think that it’s a fake and the pictures were doctored, here’s a video demonstration that might makes it a little more believable.

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Xiaomi E4 is a Plastic Mi 4

by Andrew Cheng · 5 days ago · 6 Comments · 3.5k views

xiaomi-mi-4-review-1The Xiaomi Mi 4

Xiaomi is reportedly working on a plastic variant of the Mi 4. Dubbed the Xiaomi E4, it will allegedly have the same specifications of the Mi 4 aside from a smaller RAM size of 2GB rather than 3GB. If the E4 does eventually materialise as a Mi 4 in a plastic body with a competitive price to match, it might just be the right phone for many consumers.

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Samsung to Try Out Xiaomi-Style Online Marketing

by Pang Tun Yau · 5 days ago · 7 Comments · 1.3k views


In a bid to resurrect its flailing profits, Samsung is looking at some drastic changes in the way it markets its products. One such idea that may come into fruition this year is online marketing, an area which has been a strong point for almost all of Samsung’s competitors.

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OnePlus One Appears Again On SIRIM’s Database: To Be Distributed By Brightstar?

by Chief Chapree · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 1k views

OnePlus One Smartphone On SIRIM's Database Under Brightstar

It has come to our attention that OnePlus One smartphone has appeared on SIRIM’s database once again. This time though, it was registered under Brightstar’s name which may suggests that the distribution responsibility for OnePlus One has been awarded to the well-known company.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Specifications Emerge, Could Feature Bigger 3,500mAh Battery

by Andrew Cheng · 2 weeks ago · 3 Comments · 1.3k views

samsung-galaxy-s5-active-1The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Surprise surprise, specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active have already made it to the Internet. Intended as a more rugged variant of the Galaxy S6 (or even the Galaxy S6 edge), the S6 Active could boast water and dust resistance. Oddly enough, it might have a generous 3,500mAh battery as well.

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LG G4 Press Images Leaked; Could Feature Slightly Curved Metal Back

by Andrew Cheng · 3 weeks ago · 3 Comments · 887 views


If you were disappointed that LG did not reveal anything about the G4 at MWC 2015, perhaps these leaked press images of the upcoming smartphone can offer you some consolation. If these images are legitimate, the G4 could very likely have a metal back that is slightly curved a la the LG G Flex 2.

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Rumour: Next Generation iPhones to Come in Pink, and Force Touch Display

by Huei Song · 3 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 2k views

iPhone 6 plus 6 5s 5c

The Wall Street Journal seems to have gotten some interesting information about the next generation iPhones. According to the news portal, the next iPhones would come in a brand new colour option, and feature the Force Touch technology found on the Apple Watch, and new MacBook and MacBook Pro.

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