Lowyat.NET 2016 Community Choice Awards: Here Are The Winners!

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  1. Zul Adlee says:


  2. Simon Cheong says:

    I agree mostly with the winners except for Best Camera. In my opinion, the best rear camera is on Google Pixel XL. I have tried and tested with IPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel XL. The Pixel absolutely blows away with its HDR and OIS. (For Professional Opinion: https://www.dxomark.com/Mobiles )

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Fair point, but I believe the main reason the Pixel phones didn’t do well is because of its scarcity in this side of the world.

  3. Aniki says:

    They miss out the Mi Mix, this should be the Choice for Story of the Year~

  4. Shin says:

    how they select winners ? random ?

    1. Ahmad Sobirin Yaaqub says:

      through lowyat readers poll last months

  5. Ahmad Sobirin Yaaqub says:

    best camera goes to samsung probably not many had tried huawei p9 / mate 9. but samsung does do a decent job for a camera.

  6. Mathew Hon Jun Yoon says:

    Expected Pixel XL to win the best camera,but sigh

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