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Review: Illegear Z5 Gaming Laptop – Power That Comes At A Price

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  • MoogleStiltzkin

    somebodies been reading my research posts comparing these 2 laptops in the forum ^^; good article cauz this will help those looking for a performance gaming/multimedia laptop at the most budget price possible.

    i agree the nitro is better in that aspect. but for those who can spend a bit more into the 4k+ then the Z5 looks very interesting.

    Things were much more of a bargain back when the older variant of the acer nitro was still rm3.2k I think maybe in the forum their still selling some of those older models. Downside could be using kepler version of the gpu, rather than the maxwell which has less heat. thats the only downside i can think of.

    • Arvin

      Dont forget the battery life of the nitro is quite bad

      • Lukman Muhammad Faiz

        really? that sucks. and they are comparing this to the z5.

      • MoogleStiltzkin

        i didnt really look into that. but to me it doesn’t matter since i personally just leave the power plug plugged in anyway.

        but for people who are more mobile, yeah they probably want to look elsewhere. preferably a laptop with a easy to remove/replacable battery i guess.

  • Arvin

    I agree and disagree on the build quality.

    i agree that the top cover feels cheap and doesnt deserve that price, a aluminium cover would be much more premium and solid…also the hinge is quite bad mentioned in that review the lids shakes alot and got some sound (on my unit) when opening and closing the lid..the hinge and the cover quality could be much better

    But i also disagree considering the build quality OF THE WHOLE me, a guy who handles his stuff quite z5 has handles numerous of torture from me (throwing it on the bed, accidentally knocking the sides, tossing the bag around when the laptop is in it, putting heavy books on it, etc etc), and the z5 didnt suffer any damage what so ever..overall, this laptop build quality is very solid and strong..imo, this build quality can only be surpassed by the alienware, but dont forget the price of the alienware..

    • Amirul Bin Zaki

      I own a Z5 and the review here is absolutely bullshit. The Z5 quality is very sturdy. I dropped it once to solid floor but the back cover and bottom cover are still alright without scratches.

      It is fxxkin BIAS review done by a junior reviewer without tested the laptop thoroughly.

      Z5 970m is only RM4999 the lowest in the market but they said very expensive WTF

      • Arvin

        meanwhile alienware fucking 6k and half the spec, not expensive according to the review…fucking bullcrap

  • Lukman Muhammad Faiz

    what rubbish bias review. yes all laptops has its flaws but to point out only the flaws and dissing a product just shows how bias the writers are. what a rubbish forum and reviewers. the z5 has more beauty in it then flaws. i have been using this laptop just over a month and is enjoying it. i find no problems with its drivers and the usb ports. what a disgusting review. if you believe whatever this bullshit of a writer is writing then i am sorry to say that your as dumb as the writer that is writing this. haha and look at this writer, he doesnt even have a profile pic. and his bio..what a coward. disappointed with lowyat….

    • Arvin

      fucking disappointing..worst review so far..

      if writer did his research and review also i can accept..but this is pure bullshit

      • Lukman Muhammad Faiz

        yes i agree. it obvious they didnt do a proper research. not sure if Illegear saw this yet…alot of drama will unfold from the look of this. i am going to hide in my room. 😛

      • Amirul Bin Zaki

        Fcuking idiot review, hey Farhan bro you know computer or not or just a newbie?

  • Airyl

    Ehhh….. The people in the comments are too angry. Yes, I do personally disagree with the review, but that’s no reason to rage and insult the writer. He’s just writing his personal opinion on the laptop. That’s what he’s being payed to do.

    Farhan, if you’re reading this then I sincerely apologize for their behavior. Makes me feel guilty for requesting this review so many times.

    • Arvin

      dont fell guilty bro 🙂 , ok i admit that even i and some other forumers here were mad..but we r mad for a good u know by now, this review, already 1300 views dy, and lowyat is quite famous (simple google would lead u to lowyat)..

      so knowing this, as a writer of a famous tech website, the writer need to have responsibility to at least make proper research, or at least proper comparison before posting such bias and unprofessional review..

      now, im not putting the blame blatantly on farhan, maybe he was given short time to do the tests and write this review..or maybe he was told to do so..i just hope he has a good reason for this crap review..

      also bro, we dont get mad for no reason, i have seen other review here such as the s6 review which is much more professional..if the review is not biased, we wouldnt have been mad in the first place 🙂 cheers

      • Airyl


      • MoogleStiltzkin

        i don’t understand why people would get mad over this (like rely? lelz). but i could see why the article was called out when some of the facts may not be accurate (if this was the case).

  • Badí‘ Yee Tzyypirng

    There are things that the writer wrote, I suspect is in bad faith. Seriously.

    The comparison with the Acer Nitro V is just plain unfair. Because the Z5 wins, and the Acer gets trumped so bad, that the only point this misinformed writer could argue is the “price per device”.

    Here’s what the writer conveniently missed about the comparizon of the Z5 vs Nitro V.

    a) Option to stay at 1080p by default, or go full blown 4K screen.
    b) Z5 has a better cooling. I’m not sure of audible tests, but I believe on maximum speed the fans are still quieter, and cooler.
    c) options for purchase. You can go low end, or high end, or go low end then high end, or high end then downgrade to low end (by removing components). My question, can you do the same to an Acer WITHOUT voiding warranty?
    d) this writer assumed that all laptops must have Windows OS. Fallacy.

    That’s just.. let’s just say, to scratch the surface. I could go on, but… well, you get the idea.

    On the Alienware front, the issue again is the so called “price per features”. Perhaps that said, if you’re going to try to fight somebody, might as well pick someone the correct size (hint, the other line ups in Illegear that also “starts from” with the same as those with Dell. You have to remember the Z5 starts from a much lower price point, and using this writer’s twisted logic of comparison with Acer Nitro earlier on, the Z5 suddenly looks very tempting vs the Alienware on same specs, price per price (let’s not even include the price of the graphics adapter + the fastest GPU they can find with gimped performance, which with the same amount, all Z5 users need to do is just wait for a newer motherboard and use the same amount of cash to upgrade the mobo, with newer, better parts, job done, better value, on a “price per features”)

    Is it just me, or the author really didn’t do his homework properly?

    If LYN’s best is just this kind of writers…. matai lah.

    Let me just add: you want to bash / whack / rant at a product. Do it coherently and properly. People love bad reviews if they’re just, and if they’re honest. This is just … plain… venomous.

    • Ming Hong

      There are a few false info tho, I’m not bashing you so please don’t flame me 🙂
      1. Z5 comes with soldered GPU and CPU, so changing of component (CPU or GPU) is not possible if you don’t wish to replace the whole MOBO

      2. Z5 keyboard doesn’t not have an option to be customized. It comes with only white backlid. ILLEGEAR also doesn’t provide custom paint option for Z5 (other models have this option)

      3. Regarding Z5 vs AW, it is still gtx970m vs gtx970m

      I’m a Z5 user. One of those who own it earlier. GTX860m model

      • Loh WeiKiat

        There’s something else in this article that stated my concern. I am okay with the plastic edge for the screen but not the hinge. It seems bouncy when I opened the lit. Sometimes the screen could be shaking slightly when there’s wind flowing to the back

        • Badí‘ Yee Tzyypirng

          Yeah, the hinge is one of the parts where many Z5 users do comment upon.

      • Badí‘ Yee Tzyypirng

        Point noted, no you’re not exactly bashing.

        But to further clarify, i’m not so sure of which part of the changing you’re talking, I was refering to the part where Acer supposedly is better when you opt for the “lower end” spec part of the article.

        2. I stand corrected. You’re right. This is because its not by Clevo.

        3. True, it is 970m to 970m, but their selling point for the AW is to purchase a graphics adapter and another GPU, with the same price, you can change the entire motherboard, I believe i’ve stated this.

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      i didn’t really read too much into this specific article, so i don’t know whether he posted an accurate comparison or not. essentially i already knew that the Z5 felt more premium but did cost extra for it.

      So the only thing it came down to me was the pricing. last time when nitro was 3.2k that was pretty good. rm 3.7k now still ok but not as amazingly so. Also it puts it much closer to the Z5 territory that people may begin to wonder to spend a little more for Z5 instead 😡

      but i went with nitro because to me that was the bare minimum specs i would be fine with (though i do agree with others the battery specs kinda sux, but as i said this was a non issue for me), and i wanted budget and it doesn’t get better than that at that price range.

  • chitchat

    writer should have compare with AFTERSHOCK S15 also, same hardware with different casing.

    • Airyl

      Aftershock is no longer available in Malaysia.

  • Lex Tan

    The article/review is bias to a point where they only talk about the flaws of the z5 which is not 100% true, and to compare the z5 with the acer (price) and alienware (bling bling) using the strengths of both models to point that the Z5 is not worth buying (but the same can be argued against the plastic acer v nitro and the overpriced Alienware on exact same grounds). The acer v nitro only has 3 cell battery without subwoofer ,where as the z5 is using 8 cell battery with a subwoofer. And how about z5 cooling vs others cooling? z5 has been well known in its cooling, they didn’t put all these into comparisons only shows how unprofessional the media is.

    What’s the point of writing a comparison review that only shows the best part of one laptop comparing to downfall of another one? They didn’t even show the cool red back lights and touch pad, what’s up with that?

    Its obvious that this article/review is been rigged by a company that solely focuses on gaming laptop. someone must have paid someone to write this. haha media has always been a place where company’s can do there dirty tricks and buy them off to give a bad review and rep to other companies. and you can see the comments below, most of them disagree with this review.

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      ” The acer v nitro only has 3 cell battery without subwoofer ,where as the z5 is using 8 cell battery with a subwoofer. And how about z5 cooling vs others cooling? z5 has been well known in its cooling, they didn’t put all these into comparisons only shows how unprofessional the media is.”

      i think you pretty much summed up whether people willing to pay extra to get a Z5 over a acer nitro.

      there is no right or wrong answer here, it’s a matter of what your willing to pay for knowing what your going to get.

      Me personally i wanted budget, i knew nitro was not perfect, and i knew its fault, so i felt that was okay for me. Other people that want the polish you mention and willing to pay extra, may go Z5.

  • Lolz Calvin

    Compare Z5 (equipped with GTX970M 3GB) with MSI GE62 2QF Apache Pro (RM5999, GTX970M 3GB) in terms of build architecture, quality, cooling system, peripheral I/O devices (monitor, keyboard, audio devices etc) details and performance, graphic and gaming performance, that is what we will call as the “Real Competition”. Instead this review compared it with something not to say fully irrelevant, but still silly and shallow in some cases.

    And also, apparently, Illegear claims they have this built-in software that it MIGHT change the Z5 keyboard colour:
    I might be wrong.

  • Jeffrey J Nelson

    FWIW, the word is “ordnance”. 🙂