Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hands On: Refining A Winning Formula

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  • sadFace

    It is sad to see no more white option. Besides that, I love the blue and white feel of the notifications drawer. Overal is good. Good job Samsung.

  • SeeRub Senpai

    not a flat screen for what ‘note’ should be?
    I’ll just stick to note 5..

  • Hou_JaI

    best of the best! without a doubt. note 4 user here so this is the next step to take

  • Filament



    well done samsung.
    this is what i want

  • peterong

    3 years ago we spend that amount of money to buy thin Notebook and use that for everything except phone/sms.
    Now we spend same amount on a phone where we use only 20% of its features in 80% of our time. That makes us not so smart.