New MacBook Pro Now Available in Malaysia from RM6,299

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  1. karwaidotnet says:

    syukur ekonomi malaysia masih lagi mantap….

    1. David Lee says:

      Is that sarcasm? Because what you said does not correlate with my experience.

      1. Brandon says:

        You might need to work on your sarcasm detector lol

        1. #Vincent says:

          usah bimbang, jibby dah naik tax deduction 2017

          1. David Lee says:

            Naik tax deduction is no use when company potong gaji because “bad time, not making money”.

    2. Ahmad Afiq says:


  2. Ahmad Ikram Mohammad Shukri says:

    The price made me wanna cry..

  3. peterong says:

    Macbook 15″ : Rm 5k go for the hardware, the rest go for the Apple logo. Remember, Apple always popular for branding and innovation in integrating technologies, most if not all, of the technologies doesn’t come from them. Sama applies to Amway, Elken … etc.

  4. Soam Ting Wong says:

    Good replacement for a MBA 11, 8GB RAM, 512GB. But the price.. urgh..

  5. Cendol says:

    3 months middle income earner’s salary for 1 MacBook.

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