Google Officially Introduces Pixel; Features “the Best Smartphone Camera Ever”

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  1. MatSan says:

    “…other flagship smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge received a lower score of 86.”

    Should be 88. Denda jars still running or not? Seriously you guys have to stop these small typo mistakes before publishing.

  2. kzm says:

    Google Assistant will collect ur data like crazy.

    1. Samfishersam says:

      If you don’t want anyone to collect your data, you can’t use Google or Facebook. Can you? 😛 It’s not a matter of collecting or not, it’s a matter of what it’s used for and what is collected.

      1. kzm says:

        My comment is actually a sarcasm comment to people who paranoid/afraid to use W10. I want to see their reaction.

  3. kuntilanak says:

    Dem, that 3.5mm jack jab @ Iphone 7… :p :p :p

  4. Kukujiao says:

    IMO the top and bottom bezel ugly shit (like iphone)

  5. Skywax9016 says:

    With great marketing, comes great MSRP.

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