TM Integrates Webe Into UniFi Plans Through Mobility Pack

UniFi Mobility Pack

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  • vez

    stupid author, just say in summary, any Unifi plan + Webe entitled RM30 discount, good enough

    why two ways, if based on your statement, it can BE many many ways

    Unifi discount RM15, webe discount RM15 also RM30 in total
    Unifi discount RM20, webe discount RM10 also RM30 in total
    … and many more, can say RM1 discount for Unifi and RM29 from webe, idiot

    it is not ONLY two ways dumb ass author

    dumb enough for looking at two ways, there are many many ways… in summary IT IS just RM30 discount

    • Yay, congrats, you got it figured out. Good to know you did read the article. 😀

    • Ramz

      We are not in a Queen’s English class.
      As long as message and info shared is understandable, no need to hantam hantam.
      My 2¢s worth

  • Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim

    i was at tmpoint yesterday. according to tm, webe stays at rm79, on separate bill and u will get rm30 for unifi, for instance unifi lite rm129 will be just rm99. if u want a second, third webe line it is rm69 & rm59 as usual since they are on separate bill. if u however terminate webe, u no longer get the rm30 discount & it goes back to normal price

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