The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Comes with “Galaxy Butler Service” in Malaysia

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  1. Abu.Salimah says:

    So that means they can access the phone remotely? Not sure this is good news, privacy wise.

    1. lazious91 . says:

      i am sure its going to be something like a teamviewer where you need the user to allow them to access it remotely. if they would like to take steal all your information they could just build a backdoor without the user knowing it.

  2. Lai Tian Pin says:

    Good job samsung, just got my s7 edge and was trying to transfer all my old iphone 6s plus data to new s7, guess what, not all data can be transfer through your so called Smart Switch, cant even transfer my whatsapp chats history, welldone samsung, what a SMART software, and phone start to lag first day of purchase

    1. Anonymous says:

      Lol, this is apple’s fault. For android phone, we can back up at whatsapp cloud and restore it when necessary. Good choice for changing to s7 edge!

  3. Ken Wong says:

    Back when i have s6 edge, my camera got faulty where when i tried to zoom in photo to the maximum, the detail is much more blurred compare to other s6 edge. During that time they also make premium services for s6 and s6 edge. Guess what, they will use as many reason possible and refuse to repair unless it is major issue. Not trusting this services.

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