Wikipedia Releases its First Ever Annual Video: #Edit2014

by Huei Song · 9 hours ago · No Comments · 182 views


Last week, Facebook released its “2014 Year in Review” that highlights the most talked about events of the year on Facebook, yesterday, Google released a similar video about the top search keywords in Malaysia and around the world, and now, it’s Wikipedia’s turn to release its first ever year in review video called #Edit2014.

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Snapchat Ends Up As Another Victim Of The Sony Pictures Hack

by Farhan · 10 hours ago · No Comments · 776 views

snapchat cover

Snapchat has ended up as an unintended victim of the data leaks that have occurred after the crippling cyber-attack on Sony Pictures. While the Guardians of Peace have not directly gone after the ephemeral messaging app developer, its ties to Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton has exposed many trade secrets that the company had wanted to keep quiet.

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Buying and Selling on Facebook and Instagram is now Illegal

by Huei Song · 12 hours ago · 7 Comments · 4.5k views


Calling all of you who sells things on Facebook and Instagram, the Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism ministry has just declared that anyone selling items online directly via these social networks are now deemed illegal.

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Microsoft Also Working On Game Streaming Service

by Farhan · 14 hours ago · 1 Comment · 178 views


Microsoft is apparently working on a new game streaming service similar to the one that is being tested by PlayStation. There are very few details about what the final product will look like, but it is known to be called Arcadia; and there are job openings on the team.

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Sony Cancels Movie After More Threats By Hackers

by Farhan · 15 hours ago · 5 Comments · 2.1k views

the interview

It looks like the Guardians of Peace have won, as Sony Pictures has decided to cancel the theatrical release of The Interview. This news comes after major cinema chains in the US pulled out of showing the movie over its Christmas debut, along with additional threats from the hackers that they would pull another 9/11 style attack on any cinema that showed the movie.

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Facebook for iOS Can Now Automatically Enhance Your Photos

by Huei Song · 2 days ago · No Comments · 319 views

Facebook Auto Enhance Image

Nobody likes to look at photos that are poorly lit and requires you to squint just to see things clearly. Facebook has just given its iOS app an update that can automatically enhance a photo before you share it.

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“World Cup”, “MH370” and “iPhone 6” Among the Top Google Search Keywords in Malaysia

by Huei Song · 2 days ago · 1 Comment · 551 views

Google 2014 Year in Search

One of the most interesting things about the year coming to an end is how we get all these summaries on how the year has been. Last week, Facebook released its Year in Review to show the most talked-about topic of the year and now, it’s Google’s turn. The internet search giant recently released its annual Year in Malaysia Search, showing the major events that happened throughout the year, top newsmakers and hottest trends based on searches performed on

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Huawei Honor Box Goes Official: Supports 4K Playback, Costs Less Than RM 200

by Syefri Zulkefli · 2 days ago · No Comments · 4.6k views

Huawei Honor Box

Apart from launching Honor 6 Plus and the octa-core variant of Honor 4X (more on that later), there is one more new Honor product that Huawei has launched earlier today. It is not a smartphone though but instead, it is a streaming media box called the Honor Box.

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Hackers Promise ‘Christmas Gift’ For Sony Pictures

by Farhan · 2 days ago · No Comments · 1.7k views


The Guardians of Peace, the hackers responsible for the attack on Sony Pictures, is apparently getting into the holiday spirit and is asking the internet to make requests about the next round of information to be released. The GOP are also preparing to release even more information about the company that it says will “put Sony Pictures in a worse state”.

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Thousands Of WordPress Sites Infected By Malware

by Farhan · 3 days ago · No Comments · 820 views


News has surfaced that some 100,000 websites running on WordPress have been compromised and were turned into attack platforms. Google has flagged around 11,000 of these sites already, but there are still many more that remain infected.

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DiGi’s “Kg Internet For All” Program Kicks off in Kemaman, Wants to Bring High Speed Internet to Rural Villages

by Huei Song · 3 days ago · 3 Comments · 765 views

Pix1-Kg IFA Kemaman

While most of us in the city are enjoying our fast internet, streaming videos and music on the internet everyday, reading through social networks when we’re free, and downloading files at a relatively fast speed, what about the rural villages in this country? DiGi recently announced its Kg IFA (Internet For All) vision to bring high speed internet to rural villages, and is kicking things off in Kg Gong Chengal, Kemaman.

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Iranian Hackers Wipe Las Vegas Casino Computers

by Farhan · 4 days ago · No Comments · 3.5k views


Las Vegas Sands Corp, owner of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, has been revealed to be covering up a massive cyber attack against its computer systems in the United States. Details reveal that Iranian hacktivists were responsible and were acting in retaliation against Sands owner Sheldon Adelson’s comments about dropping nuclear weapons on Iran.

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