PayPal Fined For US Sanction Violations; Including To A Known Black Market Nuclear Arms Dealer

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PayPal has reached a settlement with the US Treasury Department over charges that it processed payments to people in countries under sanction. In addition to this, it had also unwittingly processed payments to a man that the US has listed as known to be selling black market nuclear weapons.

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Maxis Offering Free Wi-Fi This Weekend at Formula 1, Sepang Internal Circuit

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Maxis Free Wifi at Sepang F1 Grand Prix

Heading on to Sepang International Circuit to catch the F1 race this weekend? Good news if you’re a Maxis or Hotlink subscriber, the telco is offering free Wi-Fi connection for you from 27 to 29 March 2015.

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Facebook Rolls out “On This Day”, Makes it Easier to Browse Back Old Memories on Facebook

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On This Day

Looking back at old photos and posts you’ve shared on Facebook will be getting a whole lot easier. Facebook just rolled out a new “On This Day” tool, a new way to look back on things you’ve shared and posts you’ve been tagged in on the social network.

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Indian Supreme Court Declares Law Unconstitutional; Protects Online Free Speech

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The Supreme Court of India has struck down a law that it deems to be a major infringement of freedom of speech. Introduced in 2000, Section 66A of the Information Technology Act was meant to combat abuse and defamation on the internet, but was left with ambiguous wording that allowed it to be misused.

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Pakistan Is Temporarily Blocking WordPress Sites For National Security Reasons

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Blocked WordPress

WordPress sites are currently unavailable in Pakistan after a blanket ban on the domain was implemented over the weekend. The blog hosting platform is home to millions of blogs, and there is no word on how long the ban will last. Sources claim that the ban was put in place for national security reasons, possibly in conjunction with Pakistan Day.

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Islamic State Hacking Division Publishes Personal Details Of US Military Personnel

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A group claiming to be the “Islamic State Hacking Division” has published a list of names, addresses, and photos of some 100 US military personnel. It claims to have obtained this information from successful cyber-attacks on military servers and databases, although the Pentagon has denied that any of its systems have been breached.

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String Of 13 Characters Causes Chrome On Mac To Crash

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Chrome Handoff

Web browsers can be fickle creatures, and occasionally crash for a variety of reasons. However, a bug report on Chrome for Mac has discovered that simply displaying a string of 13 characters causes the browser to crash. This is includes loading pages with the character, e.g. Mac users load Twitter after someone tweets the string out.

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Reuters Joins Bloomberg And The Wall Street Journal On China’s Blocklist

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China Flag

China has expanded its Great Firewall and is now apparently blocking content from Reuters. The international news agency now joins the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg on the list of news sources blocked by the communist regime.

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GST Will Affect Online Banking, Over-the-Counter and MEPS Transactions

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Online BankingImage credit: Huffington Post

Now that the implementation of Malaysia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) is less than two weeks away, it looks companies are slowly coming out to clarify which products or services will be charged. Chua Mei Lin, the Executive Director from Association of Banks Malaysia (AMB), recently said that the 6% GST will be affecting online banking, bill payments, over-the-counter and MEPS transactions as well.

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Online Drug Marketplace Closes, Owners Disappear With RM43 Million

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Users of Evolution, a Dark Net marketplace for illegal goods and substances, have been left in a bind after the operators vanished, taking some RM43 million worth of Bitcoin with them. In most cases, this would be a massive consumer rights issue; but what do you expect when dealing with criminals who sell drugs and cannot be traced?

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Windows Hello Brings Biometric Authentication To Windows 10

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Windows Hello

Microsoft will be implementing a new means of user authentication in the form of Windows Hello. The system will allow users to replace passwords with more secure biometric authentication methods like facial recognition, iris scanning, or fingerprint sensors.

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Yahoo’s On-Demand Password Could Save You a lot of Trouble

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The Yahoo logo is shown at the company's headquarters in Sunnyvale

Have you ever had the need to check on your Yahoo e-mail just to realise that you can’t remember your password? You would then have to go through the process of retrieving your password, which would normally require you to remember your Yahoo ID as well. If you would like to avoid a situation like this from happening, Yahoo’s “on-demand” password is just what you need.

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