Penang Upgrades Free WiFi Service With More Bandwidth And Faster Speeds

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Penang Chief Minister at the 2009 launch of Penang Free WiFi

Penang Chief Minister at the 2009 launch of Penang Free WiFi

Penangites will be glad to know that the state’s free WiFi service is getting a boost. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced that Penang Free WiFi provider REDtone Communications will be increasing the the bandwidth to allow for speeds between 512kps and 1Mbps.

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TM Signs MoU With Time dotCom To Deploy SKR1M Submarine Cable Network

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Telekom Malaysia and Time dotCom have signed a memorandum of understanding for the deployment of the Sistem Kabel Rakyat 1Malaysia (SKR1M). The submarine cable system was first announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak during the Bajet 2014 speech and is intended to improve the quality of the internet connection in East Malaysia.

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Islamic State Supporters Threaten Twitter For Banning Accounts

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IS Threatens Twitter

Twitter employees have been threatened by supporters of the Islamic State for banning accounts belonging to the terrorist group. The threat, which appeared on; a site that allows documents to be uploaded to the internet anonymously. It has also singled out Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey as the main culprit for the bans.

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Huawei Unveils CarFi, A 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot For Your Car

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Huawei is on a roll with the announcement of its Android Wear watch, Talkbands, and now the CarFi. The CarFi is designed for automobiles and it is able to provide a WiFi hotspot of LTE speeds. The device is also able to host up to 10 devices at the same time.

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UK Watchdog Calls FinFisher Spyware A Violation Of Human Rights

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A UK human rights watchdog group has issued a statement calling private surveillance software FinFisher a violation of human rights. Developed by British-German company Gamma International, FinFisher has been used by repressive governments across the world to spy on citizens while using it to suppress dissent.

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Opera Testing Limited Free Wireless Data Access With DiGi

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Opera, who is mainly known for its web browser, has announced the testing of App Pass for Opera Max. This will allow users to access a free of charge wireless data connection for selected apps. Essentially, it would allow apps like Spotify or Facebook to access the internet without any charges of hours per day. It is being tested with Norwegian teleco Telenor, who happen to own DiGi and have brought it to Malaysia.

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Google And Facebook Chat Integration Removed From

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Outlook No More Google and Facebook

Microsoft has been informing users that Google and Facebook chat options will no longer be available on Google has decided to drop the chat protocol used in Google Talk, which has lead to the platform being no longer compatible with the messenger function on Outlook. All this means is that the chat function will now only support Skype.

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Google Launching Android Pay At I/O This Year

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Google Street View Wall

Google looks set to launch a new electronic payment system at its I/O conference later this year. Called Android Pay (not to be confused with Apple Pay), it will exist alongside Google Wallet; although the two systems will remain separate entities.

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Lenovo Website Hijacked; Company Email Stolen

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Lenovo’s woes continue after attackers took control of its website, which allowed to intercept company emails and redirect visitors to other sites. The website has been taken down, and Lenovo is still working on getting it working again.

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Samsung To Demo 5G Wireles Communications Next Week

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Mobile World Congress 2015 is taking place next week, and Samsung is preparing to demo its new 5G wireless connection at the conference. The new standard, developed with South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom, will allow data transfer speeds of up to 7.5Gbps, although all this apparently comes at a slight cost. One that might get in the way of deploying the technology anywhere.

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Google Science Fair 2015 Opens For Malaysian Submissions

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Google Science Fair

The fifth edition of the Google Science Fair has opened for submissions, and Malaysian students are invited to participate once again. The international competition is open to all students aged 13-18, and seeks to promote a culture of observation and experimentation among youths. There is also a US$100,000 (about RM 363,700) scholarship (among other prizes) up for grabs for the grand prize winner.

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Gmail Autocomplete Bug Risks Sending Email To Wrong People

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Google Personal Search

Gmail users have reported a strange bug in the autocomplete feature for the recipient field. The world’s most used email service is apparently now suggesting names that are least used, instead of the most common names used. It doesn’t break the service, but it does open the problem of sending email to the wrong person many times over.

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