Rakuten Malaysia To Close Down By March 2016

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Rakuten Malaysia

After almost four years in existence, Rakuten Malaysia will be closing its door very soon alongside its counterparts in Singapore and Indonesia. According to its Japanese parent company, the closure will take place by March 2016.

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Re-live Windows 3.1 With The Internet Archive

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Internet Archive Windows 3.1 Collection

Internet goers now have the opportunity to experience the wonders of Windows 3.1 once again – or for the first time. The Internet Archive has uploaded a collection of practically ancient Windows programmes, which are now helpfully emulated through a web browser. Naturally, there are the classics like SkiFree, Taipei, and.. the Windows 95 demo?

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Amount Of Spam Email Decreases As Cybercriminals Target Mobile Devices

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Kaspersky spam 2015

The overall amount of spam emails dropped in 2015 as cybercriminals begin to switch their focus to using mobile communications to deliver malware. That’s not to say that email spam is going away; it still accounted for 55-percent of all email traffic last year and will likely hover around that mark in 2016.

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Google Advertisements To End Flash Support

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Google AdWords is making its final move away from Flash, and will soon only work in HTML5. The change is not immediate, as the company is now warning advertisers about its impending policy change. By this time tomorrow, Google will no longer be serving any advertisements in Flash.

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YouTube Offline Playback Now Available In Malaysia

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YouTube Offline Viewing

Google today has officially announced that the offline viewing function for its YouTube app is now available for users in Malaysia. Originally announced for several Asian countries back in 2014, this particular feature allows users to temporarily save videos from YouTube into their device.

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Chinese Consortium Buys Out Opera For RM5 Billion

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opera 1

A consortium of Chinese companies has made a $1.2 billion (about RM5 billion) bid to buy out Opera. While the web browser maker has not yet responded to the deal, its board of directors has recommended that it accept the offer.

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Singaporeans Now Able To Subscribe 10Gbps Fibre Broadband From Singtel

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Singtel 10Gbps Home Fibre Connection

It is hard not to be jealous of our southern neighbor when it comes to Internet speed. At a time where the fastest residential fibre broadband speed in Malaysia is currently still 100Mbps, Singaporeans will soon be able to obtain 10Gbps fibre connection for their home from Singtel.

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OpenSignal Releases State Of LTE Report; Malaysia Doesn’t Do Too Badly

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DiGi 4G LTE For Smartphones

A new report on the state of LTE connections across the globe has been released by OpenSignal; and it shows that Malaysia is not doing all that badly compared to developed countries. The usual suspects still top the charts in terms of LTE speeds and coverage, but the rest of the world is catching up.

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Astro Secures EPL Broadcast Rights For The Next Three Seasons

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Astro EPL

When it comes to English Premier League (EPL), Astro is certainly one of the main platform for many football fans in Malaysia to watch matches from the hugely popular league. Looks like it will remain so for at least three more seasons as the satellite-based pay TV operator has announced that the company has secured EPL’s broadcast rights from 2016/17 to 2018/19.

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Samsung Adblocking Partner Pulled From Google Play Store

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samsung internet

Samsung’s attempts to get ad blocking onto its pre-installed web browser have hit some slight difficulties after Google pulled its largest partner from the Play Store. This was supposedly because the app, known as Adblock Fast, violates the Developer Distribution Agreement; although Google has suspiciously left other ad blocking apps untouched.

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Alphabet Is Now The World’s Most Valuable Company

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Alphabet Logo

Google’s transformation into Alphabet looks to have paid off; at least it has according to the new company’s first quarterly earnings report. Alphabet has beaten analyst estimates for its Q4 2015 results, and that has had the knock on effect of sending the company stock price up by six-percent in after-hours trading.

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TM Doubles The Upload Speed For UniFi Advance Customers, Up To 20 Mbps

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UniFi Advance Plan Personal Upload Speed for February 2016

As you might know, one of the major differences between TM’s UniFi Advance Plans that were launched last year as compared to the original UniFi VIP plans are their asymmetrical nature. While many customers seemed to be fine with the higher 30 and 50 Mbps download speed on the new plans, some criticized the plans’ 5 and 10 Mbps upload speed although TM has justified the move by stating that most of its UniFi customers don’t fully utilized their upload speed.

However, it seems like TM has budged in to the criticism by quietly increasing the upload speed as discovered on the “Get It Now” section of the official website for UniFi Advance Plan Personal.

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