End of An Era: TM To Terminate Dial-Up Internet Services This October

56kbps Modem

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  • IckyMasala

    Good riddance.

    Still remember getting RM800 phone bill for accessing a dial up BBS in the US. Had no idea it could get that expensive. My fault though, not dial up, but still …

  • Filament

    As we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together…

  • AL

    Have good and bad memories.. its time for this tech to rest

    Good = Play my first MMO Ragnarok Alpha..
    Bad = need to pay RM1000++ somehow =_=’.. my dad almost kill me haha

  • C.C. Tan

    that time, i can still play counter strike. now i can’t with streamyx!

  • End of an era. I will never forget the modem dialup sound.