Last Ditch Effort To Save Jaring Fails; Malaysia’s First ISP Doomed To Liquidation

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  1. Emimarson says:

    Sold by the Ministry of Finance to Utusan Printcorp for a mere RM20 million, which was considerably less than other submitted bids at the time.

    That’s why, sell to useless and stupid kroni with price lower than market price, managed by idiot Utusan some more.

  2. seancorr says:

    Everything is doomed when its controlled by the government.

  3. Dwijadas says:

    RIP .. this is what will happen to the country

  4. Filament says:

    I feel sorry for the company. The company was robbed by some people as what I have been told.

  5. Daikon Ryusa says:

    And TheMoNyET is smiling

  6. InfoO2 says:

    RIP jaring…..

  7. blue yish says:

    1511…terete terettt

  8. tokiat says:

    Wasn’t it sold to Utusan for RM2 million instead of RM20 million?

  9. lingulingu4 says:

    Jaring is like our internet heritage. First ever isp on malaysia. Our internet backbone was made by them. There was a statement made from former jaring ceo about corruption from utusan corp that leads to liquidation. Now that jaring is gone, TM can continue their daylight robbing with their extorbitant price

  10. greenparrot says:

    Don’t worry. The next one to be sold is TM .

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