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Blind Camera Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7 edge

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  • ionStorm


    • user99999

      definitely s8 better in both low light and normal light. seems balanced.

    • May Czos

      S7 is first, S8 is second in every photo.

  • dutt way

    I believe the brighter n more detailed photos are from the s8. The sensor is different. It’s using the imx333 vs Imx260.

    • X-47B

      Not necessarily. In some cases the “brighter” images came from S7. But brightness is not the factor. The detail S8 preserved is way beyond anything S7 did. From what I see here, I am very happy to upgrade to S8,

    • one plus

      in this case, nope. the brighter is from S7, because it is harder to take a dark and detailed photo than a bright but noisy photo/less detail photo.

      the best photo is the one that portrait what you see is what you get.

      s7e = make it brighter than what your eyes actually see
      s8 = make it closer to what your eyes see, dark but detailed
      the rest of rubbish = it dark and no detail

      • May Czos

        Actually, most of brighter pictures were taken by the S8.

  • X-47B

    One has to look at the pixels 1:1 to fully understand the difference. S8 easily has better dynamic range and preserves better details. Good job Samsung!

    • illregal

      Good job sony..

      • X-47B

        Well, S8 will have both Samsung and Sony sensor.

      • mas921

        Sony makes best sensors all the way to professional Nikon D5

    • SurgicalTech

      The average buyer of a S8 wont look at pixels 1:1, The change is miniscule show these photos to anyone and they will tell you nothing more than one looks “brighter” than the other. You’re obviously trying to justify your purchase.

      • mas921

        Dynamic range is exactly what an avg buyer calls “brighter” and that’s evidently better without looking 1:1.

      • X-47B

        If you are simpleton, then obviously brighter is better for you. I have nothing more to argue with people like that. Enjoy saving the money, you will need that.

  • Dawja Xavier

    I believe the darker, colour preserved tone is s8.. If my guess is true, IMO it’s something competitors like Huawei and Sony already did a good job with.. Especially the Leica co-engineered Huawei’s looked more natural to my eyes than the s7.

    • X-47B

      Yes, right. You can check the exif data to find the exact model.
      S7 images look bad now compared to S8.

      • Dawja Xavier

        Oh snap! Haha.. I didn’t expect they retained EXIF datas.

    • May Czos

      Second picture always come from the S8 and most of them are too bright.

      • Hui

        Not all the 2nd pictures are S8, they are random.

  • fisherman10

    EXIF data available. haha

    • one plus

      sounds like a kid that found a way to cheat. people like you dont do well in exam LMAO!!!!

    • Andreas Lundin

      Do fudging tell! I haven’t got the time to check EXIF data atm but I wanna know 😀

  • Jay Chew

    top photos looks better than bottom i suppose top is from S8 and S7 are the bottom one?

    • May Czos

      The other way round.

  • Aisha Kabir

    In all the pics one is slightly brighter than the other one. Definitely a very minute difference. The only thing which would make me go for S8 is its bigger screen size.

    • user99999

      they are kinda mixed. the better images with details preserved and balanced lighting is of s8.

    • Skywax9016

      I believe, in between the S7 and the S8, I can’t afford both. T-T

  • Robin P

    I always thought that S7 images were superb, but next to S8, they look really bad.. 🙂

  • May Czos

    I’d say it’s a tie. Sometimes the first one is a tad overexposed, sometimes it’s the second one, sometimes they’re identical.

  • FIST

    it’s Tuesday and the info on which is which still hasn’t been released. i’m too lazy to check individual EXIF info

  • abed haj yihia

    so when are they gonna reveal which is which?

  • Yoda80

    NOT the same sensor, NOT the same lens, NOT the same focal length, NOT the same tuning. Look here the video. A lot of difference!!