Blind Camera Comparison Results: Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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  • TVB

    Of coz with a year older tech, S7e still remains the best phone camera of 2016. If you have plenty of $$$, no doubt S8 is a good upgrade.

    • Jack Smith

      Would say the Pixel is best for 2016.

  • Melvin117

    “but we suspect it will be a joy to those interested to upgrade to the S8 from virtually any other smartphone.”
    To me the use of word “suspect” is confusing there.

  • Filament

    Lens flare I’m afraid is due to stain on the camera lense.

  • Andrew Tan

    S8 output is pure awesome! Nice white balance on night time. No lens flare!

    Even though it output much darker in day light but it actually make the photo much dimension and look nice.

    S8 eliminate the fake look of S7 Edge photo output.

    Now I am very itchy!!!

  • SirWalrus

    Was this a blind test and analysis given without knowing which was which? If not it’s bogus.

    • Skywax9016

      It was posted previously without mentioning which image is from which phone.

  • Dilshan

    S8 Malaysian price ?

    • Jun Jie Gan

      3299 and 3699 for plus

  • Pancanikonpus

    light flare in s7e –> no light flare in s8e : this cannot be quantified as improvement; light flare supposed not present at all from the device. To conclude this, overall s8e managed to clean back its own shit of light flare from s7e.

  • White Willie

    I just wonder. If the camera module being used is the same for both devices, the difference in the output is just being the algorithm of software tweak. Why didn’t Samsung did it on the S7E at the beginning? Is it just simply because they wanna sell the same thing which looks different? Hmmm….comment from anyone?

    • They do not use the same module. S8 uses a newer sensor and newer ISP. It’s not just software, as you need the newer ISP for these improvements.

  • Monica Matos

    Ok we freaking get it! The S8 is a better phone than the S7 Edge. I’m still not getting the S8, I’ll just wait for Nougat 7.0 to roll out on my 4 month S7 Edge.

    • MOHD YUSOF Ismail

      …Nougat 7.0 already available OTA…just download…

  • Mike

    If you view all this photos in a 24 in computer monitor, compare picture by picture with 100% zoom you will see the pictures from S8 much improved over S7. Clearer, less pixelated image especially in low light, and more realistic.

  • May Czos

    Something went wrong. Most pictures aren’t loading because of errors.