UniFi Speed Upgrade Requires User’s Consent: New Package For Streamyx Users Coming In June 2017 (UPDATED)

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  1. ZeroHunter says:

    already using streamyx now need apply again? walao then paying for 2 bills a month.

    1. simplenick says:

      Paying 1 bill, but they might lock you down for another year or two thru contract. I reckon the mobile industry will soon be unveiling plans to make broadband more accessible, hence the seemingly generous upgrade move..

    2. ZyD says:

      New plan still not being reveal.
      Hopefully, existing customer just can upgrade to it without new application.
      If im not mistaken, upgrade not refresh your contract.

    3. Skywax9016 says:

      Upgrade lor

  2. Cyrus says:

    using vip10 now, paying rm200/month. after upgrade become paying rm200 for advance 30.
    meanwhile new user register is rm179/month for advance30.
    tm is bullshit.

    1. ZyD says:

      If your contract already finished, why not terminated it and apply for the Advance 30?
      Later you will get free upgraded to Advance Plus 50. Profit!

      If still under contract, demand them to upgrade to Advance 30 since the price is so difference unless you are concern about the upload speed.

      1. Cyrus says:

        last time free upgrade will refresh contract. now this time will not refresh contract, but for my case after upgraded later also macam no upgrade, paying more than retail price somemore.

        I can’t terminate it to apply a new 1, will graduate and move out 1 year later, contract is 2 years.

        thanks again, tm.

        1. sHawTY says:

          When you’re graduating, just tell TM you’re moving to an area that has no UniFi coverage, they can’t force you to pay the penalty for moving to somewhere that has no UniFi. problem solved

        2. Dreal says:

          If you still have at least 13 months before moving out:
          1 month approx timing for terminating and apply a new 1,
          Old RM200; RM212 w/GST – new RM179; RM189.8 w/GST = RM 22.2; x12 = RM266.4 difference
          If terminate RM500 – 266.4 = RM 233.6 almost like paying extra 1 month to terminate remaining 12 month contract.

          Roughly that’s what you’ll be dealing with if you follow ZyD’s suggestion.

          Stay RM200, pay RM2544 in total for 30Mbps
          Jump to RM179, pay RM2510.6 in total for 50Mbps

          Final year need to download many materials & 50Mbps can save time ;P
          It’s totally up to you.

    2. Kong King says:

      Padan muka lorrr. Last time you’re one of the first using unifi u must be showing off with your friends.

    3. Youyou You says:

      RM179 without free call package, RM199 come with it… so if you don’t want waste your RM20, you can keep calling calling calling calling….. don’t stop..

      1. Cyrus says:

        student unit, here no ppl use hypptv and phone call also. all use own phone call.
        so that free call or not free also doesn’t matter for my unit.

        1. Dreal says:

          Hey Cyrus, you could ask TM to remove hypptv from your package.
          I’ve actually seen my friend’s brothers bill & he said when he upgrade to RM179 pkg thru phone, he purposely ask not to have hypptv because doesn’t watch TV at all.
          Now he’s paying RM30 less.
          Not sure about phone call, but if you look at your monthly statement each services are itemized individually, so the possibility is there.
          Then again, I guess you can only do that when you are applying for a new contract.

  3. seancorr says:

    Aiyooo just upgrade everyone la no need trouble people to reply. What happens if some customers didn’t get the SMS or email? Also will advance 30 and 50 get speed upgrades too? Advance 30 to 60mbps and 50 to 100mbps?

    1. ZyD says:

      If user is concern about the upload speed they maybe don’t want to auto upgrade their VIP10 to Advance 30 (Since VIP20 already obsolete) because the upload speed is being downgraded. That’s why the confirmation is needed i think.

      1. kuntilanak says:

        Yup. I went through that as well, plus the ‘additional’ cost of sort. hehe…

      2. Arvinder says:

        The 30mbps plan now has 10mbps upload, same as VIP10. They increased it from 5mbps a long time ago.

    2. ylchow says:

      they need ppl to reply because the new plans will drop support for FREE calls to TM fixed lines. For those making lotsa calls, the savings can be worth it.

      1. kuntilanak says:

        They should go the AirAsia route. Put price on core service, with ‘value add-ons’ on the side. Then everyone wins. Sort of… hehe…

  4. Naqdyuzen says:

    already get the call twice. from my current 30Mbps to 50Mbps. no contract renewal. the downside? have to pay from current 189 to 229.

    unless it’s the same price i’m not upgrading.

    1. ZyD says:

      You must think of, if take now, later i will get 100Mbps for RM229 (They will Double the speed for the existing customer starting January 2017). Why not go for it?

      1. kuntilanak says:

        Hmm, true, but I think for home use, 100mbps is kind of overkill, unless you have >5 heavy users… hehe…

        1. kzm says:

          Overkill? singapore get up to 1Gbps for home

          1. kuntilanak says:

            Well, it depends on how you use it. For ‘normal’ usage, that speed is more of ‘what can we offer’ vs ‘what you REALLY need’, but we, consumers, always welcome better, more value-added services, minus the price hike, of course. (^_^)

    2. kuntilanak says:

      Yup. Got that call as well few weeks ago. When I ask them about the ‘supposedly’ free upgrade following the Budget 2017 ammouncement, they play dumb, stating ‘management decision’ blah blah blah… nice try, but I’m currently comfy with my 30mbps…

  5. copi says:

    Just read this in their FAQ
    1) The customer must not have been given a free upgrade prior
    to the Budget 2017 announcement (those upgraded between
    May – September 2016)

    WTF???? So if I upgrade from 10MB to 30MB in between May-September 2016, I’m not eligible for this?

    1. pityU says:

      it said “Free Upgrade” between MAY – SEPT, are you upgrade for free at those time?

      1. copi says:

        last time everyone with 10mb got free upgrade right?tm call an offer u to upgrade 30mb with same price

        1. Cyrus says:

          if not mistaken I remember got contract refresh some more. hahaha, fall to their trap xD

  6. Cheer Chunhao says:

    Living in an area where my only option is Maxis, I just want to say fuck Maxis
    You guys are complaining about the price while I don’t even have the option to get something faster than my current 2mbps speed.

  7. Youyou You says:

    so conclusion is TM monopoly broadband service at our country, what we can do just follow what they said….

    1. pityU says:

      this is about free upgrade, if this is about new offerings, your statement will be correct.

  8. Gopi Nath says:

    And finally the victim is Streamyx subscribers, still have to pay a lot for low speed internet. TM always abadon Streamyx subscribers in the last.

  9. LTR says:

    Dear Lowyt.NET,
    What about other ISP especially Maxis? I assumed the 3 major consumer fiber internet players in Malaysia are Unifi, Time & Maxis. Now Maxis had the worst package around compared to others (speed vs price).

    1. kzm says:

      Their price now same as Unifi lor..30Mbps is RM179 same as unifi 30Mbps and their 50/100Mbps RM219/299 cheaper than Unifi 50/100Mbps RM229/329

  10. Eric Ho says:

    really don’t like the way TM treats his customer.
    been receiving call 2 times for upgrade .
    1st time 5mb to 10mb offer price RM 179 (can’t remember public price), tie 2 years contract.
    2nd time 10mb to 20mb RM 219 ( Public published price RM 199 after 2 weeks of upgrade ), tie 2 years contract

    My advise, don’t bother the upgrade promotion by the TM.

    This is really cheating ! Can we go consumer court and sue them??

    1. Vishnu X says:

      my advise, just ignore the offer from TM. they will trap you. leave it till its freely given to you because no way they can force.. but they are forced to upgrade by gomen maa… so they eventually will give it to you.
      without contract actually.

  11. zzzxtreme says:

    I’m paying RM118 for maxis 10mbps. I’m wondering what’s in store for me ? Same price double speed ?

    1. Skywax9016 says:

      RM148 for 20Mbps. 😀

      1. zzzxtreme says:

        have to add money ? ???

        1. Skywax9016 says:

          Sorry, but I was kidding. But, offers for upgrading speed comes with little extra payment per month. They usually don’t lower the payment per month and customer maintain their speed.

  12. mpyw says:

    so if my neighbor got unifi but they don’t have port for me and I am stuck at 4MB streamyx
    what can they offer me?
    and I stay in the urban area!!

  13. klcc1 says:

    I am the 4Mbps streamyx user, if TM can’t doing the upgrade due to technical issue, please drop 35 to 50% of package.

  14. Dreal says:

    Will be waiting for the official 2017 plans.
    Turns out we’re not even utilizing our 30Mbps to the fullest.
    I wouldn’t mind renewing the contract, if there’s new 15~20Mbps plans for around RM100

  15. MoogleStiltzkin says:

    if this new price for 30mbps, 100mbps etc is going to be at the new price, then all users paying the equivalent should get bumped up to their respective new speeds regardless of all these idiotic clauses, because it’s nonsense.

    Customer should not have to pay more and get less than the official new package prices. Thats just daylight robbery.

    Also any excuse that previous speed bump need not bother to apply is also an incorrect way of looking at this. Follow the money…. how much are you paying right now for your internet subscription? The new packages how much is the new monthly subscription? Upgrade the users speed accordingly to the new package with those speeds, problem solved, simple.

  16. Winston Churchil says:

    last i was offered RM150 to upgrade from 4Mbps to 8Mbps but i declined..few weeks ago in ICT Expo Miri..8Mbps cost RM140..