TM Officially Signs HSBB 2 and SUBB Deals Worth RM 3.4 Billion

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  • Ahmad Qushairy

    >areas with copper lines will be upgraded to receive broadband speed of up to 20 Mbps

    Harapan tinggal harapan…sangkut 1mbps

    • pityU

      i think they migh change their last mile network, so that copper can up to 20Mbps. things to ponder, now UniFi there is no 5,10,20Mbps..might be that speed will come from copper? and if follow streamyx current price, 110 for 5mbps or 20Mbps is good

      • Ahmad Qushairy

        Lets see in 3 years if it’s real promises,

      • h_1995

        highest streamyx is 8mbps. and if they tukar 5mbps rm110 ok la dari nothing

    • h_1995

      tah bile siapnye tak tau la
      dari darjah 5 smpai masuk u masih 1 mbps lol

  • TyroneS

    rm60 for 100mbps dream gone…
    R.I.P ISP Malaysia

  • it’s been years since gov/skmm want isp to decrease their plan price. yet never happen. and i guest never will.

    • Kok Fu Sheng

      need to feed kronies ma …if give low price how to feed kronies?
      astro is best example

    • kzm

      It is decrease some what though regardless it is promo price or not… last year Unifi 20Mbps is RM249 today RM30Mbps is RM179. TIME 30Mbps before RM279 today RM219..

      • but majority still using streamyx and dun have unifi yet.

        • kzm

          I think it is more to other ISP problem. They simply dont invest on expending fibre connection. Why cant they laying cable to place where TM is not present? Maxis just follow TM butt….and certainly they dont invest in submarine cable. only 2 ISP inverst in submarine cable TM n TIME.

          • Rapheal Azrin

            Why invest in submarine when u can just tap off singapore ix with all the cdn there. Cheaper. Infact tm already buying direct peer with local sg isp cos its cheaper than going to us via the north cables

          • kzm

            It give u more flexibility..

          • Rapheal Azrin

            No use lah bro.. it still belongs to other carriers. Tm nvr own L2 link to us ix

          • kzm

            No. TM do own those cable that link to US as part of consortium eg CUCN, AAG. TIME (Global Transit) own UNITY and FASTER (2nd quarter of 2016) oso as part of the consortium.

      • tim

        they reduce the up speed to bump the down speed.. as well as the disappearance of free calls n tv channels.. it is just a marketing technique, the price actually doesnt reduce at all..

    • h_1995

      ade streamyx 1/2/4 dlm rm92 include gst but rural area only + new subscriber.

      dah abes rasenye. phone rates are higher than standard rm110 streamyx package

  • lamusiqa

    That’s monopoly for you right there, fellas. Say bye-bye to the possibilities of cheap 1gbps internet a la MyRepublic.

  • FIST

    Wow, deal worth 3.4 bil but government will contribute 6000 mil

  • Alan Shahrul

    Useless coz my house area don’t have landline facilities even its town!

  • mpyw

    Talk so much on investment, after 3 years my neighbors got Unifi
    Still no port for me
    Cakap pandai, bikin tak serupa

  • cc

    faster speed but more expensive also, not interested.

  • I-Crove-Altico

    potholes…. yeah… more potholes… and patched up roads….

  • Zaryl Masters

    Please bring UniFI to changlun kedah! Been waiting for so long!

  • pityU

    out of 3.5 Billion, gov provide RM6500 Million only

    • FMF Robin

      That is equal to 6.5 Billion

  • Zulkifli Zain

    my streamyx: my area, a year before 1mbps upgrade only available.. but today, can upgrade up to 8mbps! yup, they are expanding their high speed coverage. now on 4mbps.

  • WhyIamNotThe1

    Please bring also Unifi to Muar, Johor

  • Susu Basi

    is there error on this article? or it’s just dumb people here who can’t comprehend that 1000mil is equal to 1bil?

  • Rapheal Azrin

    Still with copper? Go ftth lah straight. Tie with tnb,

  • frustrated_user

    lol, after a few days, and still no correction to the post..
    “RM 6000 million” gosh.. Chapree is getting rusty, i suppose…

    • I’m just a human…

      …anyway, thanks for pointing it out, its now fixed. :3

      • frustrated_user

        yea was waiting for u to correct it.. Welcum bek!

  • techiedude888

    Grand plans, but proof is in the execution. I’m sure the original HSBB brought a lot of hopes as well, but judging from the comments below, a lot of people (myself included) are still left disappointed.
    For a country as small as Malaysia you would think it can’t be that difficult to get proper acceptable internet speeds for everyone…

  • Shazley Sahib

    3.4b guna 800mil je. 2.6b derma kat kroni.