Telekom Malaysia Outlines Plans For Increasing Broadband Speed In 2017

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  1. Reload Food says:

    Hopefully can get 10 MBPS speed with RM80 monthly and that will be the most ideal plan.

    1. karwaidotnet says:


    2. m shah says:

      Still stuck at 8Mbps at RM160 (without gst).

  2. Nicholas Joseph says:

    The way I heard the announcement during budget.
    Same price but better speed.
    The way I hear TM ceo says it.
    Not same price but better speed in terms of mathematical calculations whereby we f**k you when your limit is exceeded and charge you an arm and a leg and nobody will care since it’s in the contract (and we will) and streamyx users can f**k off since we won’t be able to upgrade your speed because it’s not unifi and we are rolling unifi as fast as a snail can get to the moon.

    All wishy-washy poopoo business and legal jargons.

    The only reason unifi has unlimited download plans right now is because previously metered plan (was going to) was not feasible for customers. Once everyone is on unifi, they would probably change rates and rake in moolah.

    Fingers crossed hoping this would not be true but I doubt it.

  3. Cyrus says:

    speed/price definitely decreased over the years, but cost to own a minimal fiber plan is increased. now unifi cheapest plan is rm199/month. who knows in future cheapest become rm599/month for 1000GBps but you have no money when the bill come. Please bring back unifi 5mbps please but in cheaper price, doesn’t need fast connection speed but in need of stable and low ping for gaming purpose.

    please dun ask “why not maxis? you hav the option.” I edi boikot maxis since biz68 incident.

  4. awg says:

    pls offer something good below rm100..

  5. Grayson Lee says:

    My area don’t even under unifi coverage……

    Pls lah, before enhance your speed, enlarge your coverage lah…


  6. zzzxtreme says:

    RM150 is not affordable

    1. MoogleStiltzkin says:

      150 isn’t too bad…. but the speed has to reflect that sort of asking price. we aren’t getting it atm, meaning that we pay more for less. at least 150 monthly for internet is still within reason, but at the speeds were paying for it’s daylight robbery.

      i’m also wary about double speeds…. they need to benchmark these speeds for internet connectivity to the US so 100mbps means 100mbps download and upload to the US …. only then will paying for 100mbps mean anything. If it’s 100mbps only within sites or servers or cache servers within Malaysia or south east asia, that will blow……

      To be fair though for 30mbps at least the internet to US is decent if not perfect. But the higher your mbps speed goes, i wonder if they can still hit closer to 80% + of the mbps for the package your paying for to international servers like the US.

      Another thing, i’m a youtube streamer so upload matters to me. Last in the news the 30mbps package they offered is 10mbps upload. I hope that with improved download there will also be higher upload so i can stream HQ feeds on my channel. But i’m probably in the minority content creators who depend a lot on upload. Most user only need small amounts of upload speed :[

  7. luqman_98 says:

    hope tm doesn’t charge us based on usage…. sure malaysians will rage

    1. kzm says:

      maybe they follow Australia? Aussie has 20GB fiber plan..

      1. Ahmad Zaidi says:

        It’s time for them to implement the capping as per in the current T&C (currently it stated until further notice). Since they already have the statistic 150GB per household/month. 150GB plan should out cheaper from them..

  8. Castiel says:

    so lets double up your speed but TnC is charge based on usage? we consumer are so fucked.

  9. Derek Kf Law says:

    ideal plan is 5 mps for RM49 per mth. No HyppTV, no Fixed Line Phone

  10. cc says:

    I’m ok with 150GB plan with 10Mbps speed at RM50/month

  11. kw says:

    of cos if you subscribe more Mbps then the price per mb is going to drop la… nonsense minister….

  12. Daren Ong says:

    Just like past provider … u dont perform what u promised .. ull be forgotten … nobody gonna pay for lies and lies and lies …

  13. Kyle Hudsons says:

    I use 150gb in a day~~~ no f@#$ing way im paying for a monthly quota of 150 gb…. 150gb/day or lesse quota maybe… But 150gb for a month is BS…

  14. syawal says:

    50% cheaper on fixed broadband? Thank you. But how does MCMC define broadband? FCC define Only 25Mbps and up will qualify as broadband.[4]

    “Broadband” getting expensive, not cheaper

    Malaysian broadband consumers overpaying at least 4x the competitive rate (local) . International bandwidth price decrease by at least avg 50% per year. Malaysian should be enjoying at min 30Mbps (download/upload) [1][2][3] @ ~RM46/mth (current rate).


  15. m shah says:

    They threw away 5Mbps and offered pricey 30Mpbs and said price per megabit decrease. Why not offer cheaper entry package? Not all people like high speed just to surf some website. More speed is good but tm net manipulate the package and customer need to pay higher. Just offer cheaper package if it too hard to offer reasonable high speed internet at reasonable price.

  16. Hafizan Mohamad Noor says:

    Remember when time when a broadband plan started at RM55 for 512kBps and RM77 for 1MBps? Those were the starter packs available for broadband. There is a large market for for these price point. It’s gone now. 1MBps starts over RM1++. Phone line, bla bla bla added. Most people don’t need a land line today. We just need stable and unlimited internet.
    By right of time, the best possible combination of price/speed is that original internet price of RM50-100 bracket.
    RM74 for 5MBps
    +25 RM99 for 10MBps
    +50 RM149 for 30MBps
    +50 RM199 for 60MBps
    +50 RM249 for 100MBps

    +50 RM299 for 200MBps

    People are paying a lot for mobile data and are not committing on paying lots for home broadband. It’s time TM figure this out that having more customers = more money. Rather than get rich schemes that charge loads but have a small number of followers.

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