All You Need to Know about Digi’s New Broadband Plans For Your Home

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  • Skywax9016

    Wow, free youtube streaming. I think the free streaming option makes the price fair. 🙂

    • Ahmad Sobirin Yaaqub

      free with 10gb streaming only. 1 days use of 1080

      • Skywax9016

        I thought the 10GB is for certain streaming sites, is it not? Checked that there are 2 streaming options, one free, one with 10GB quota free.

  • IckyMasala

    No Twitch in the list of free streams ? Awww …..

    Still, quite competitive compared with other mobile (and not so mobile i.e. Streamyx) options

  • zzzxtreme

    rm30 for 6gb ? so I can use this with dual sim phone ?

    • Filament

      Good question

    • Mathew Hon Jun Yoon


  • Zaryl Masters

    i’ve used the BB100 plan for about 2 months now. So far i am really satisfied with it. Blazing fast 4G speed (dl 9mbps ul 7mbps via Speedtest.net) at my house taman. But now Unifi is entering my taman so now i am not so sure whether or not i should take Unifi. I am not a heavy user. Mostly used to play online PS3 games and sometime stream youtube but not that frequent. I barely able to finish the 40GB data (even the 10GB youtube data has been exhausted). Fiber optic vs 4G LTE anyone? 😀

    • Phelix Pun

      when you have a quota free internet… your online behavior shall changed. i know you barely finish your 40GB right now but it might be because there’s still a 40GB quota in mind.

    • Mathew Hon Jun Yoon

      better take unifi

  • Duck Knight

    Isn’t free streaming comes with 10GB of streaming??? Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • contagiouseddie

      Yes it is only 10GB of free streaming, not written anywhere. So, you have 10GB+10GB+40GB in total for the RM100 package.

      • Amad Yus

        It is not 10GB + 10GB +40GB. The free streaming quota is given, but separated from monthly quota. So, it is 10GB (now 18GB for 3 months) + 50GB.

    • Amad Yus

      I have used it for a month now. I also quite confuse with free streaming. Originally, when I check my plan on digi app, it will tell me how much I have used for free streaming (etc: x.xGB of 10GB), but now the 10GB disappeared. Not totally sure if it is really unlimited or not. I will try to bypass the quota and se what happen.

      Btw, the quota for broadband 100 has been increased to 68GB for 3 months.


    • James_Low2384

      Bro, BB100 free streaming comes with 50GB! Awesome right?!

  • syah pala

    The stable connection is also important because….. yeah i will believe that

  • JahanZaib Yousaf

    Do not Buy it.

    You can not make calls on Skype, Whatsapp etc

    They have the packages though for VOIP
    But when you subscribe it; even if you watch Video etc; stupid Digi system will deduct it from VOIP Quota.

    So My Advice Do not buy it.
    Suffering from last 1 month.

    • Bunny

      Bro do you know why is it like this.. why cant i use for calls

  • superdude11224

    Stream youtube at what quality 720p? or just standard quality?


  • MRS

    Got 4G and 4G+ in coverage map, bought a simcard… put into modem… 1 bar 4G with unstable speed, youtube slow buffer… stable? Dream on…

  • Bashir-chan-kun-sama

    Don’t see the point of these plans when I have the Postpaid 110 which gives me “unlimited” (999gb) quota weekend. If the plans were more cheaper it might be good.