Akamai: Malaysia’s Average Connection Speed Is 5.2 Mbps in Q4 2015, Ranks 73rd In The World

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  1. HackMachine says:

    impressive ! But nothing out of my expectation.

  2. Dicci says:

    It would be interesting to see the average price per Mbps comparison.

  3. noos says:


    I heard someone said b4 our land is bigger, that’s why our internet development is slower than SG….? How come Indonesia & Thailand can do better than us??

    1. Kong King says:

      We’re now 73rd in the world. Malaysian want to be all no. 1 with 3rd class mentality. Keep comparing shit and we will become no. 1 in the world!!

  4. InfoO2 says:

    Not bad, really, we are at the middle

  5. Skywax9016 says:

    That’s due to mobile internet connection of our LTE line which by default is 42Mbps and 3G at around 10Mbps. If compare our home broadband, more than 50% only have access (and only can afford) the 1Mbps option only.

  6. m shah says:

    Because Malaysian love low speed internet.

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