Digi Introduces New Home Broadband Plans with Plenty of Data and Free Streaming

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  • ionStorm

    No link to source?

  • David Lee

    People don’t use broadband at home. People use broadband at work when their office network is idiotically censoring sites like Youtube and Facebook.

  • David Lee

    Just called Digi. They say the package is Prepaid only. WTF.

  • gg Umobile

    • kzm

      Nop, umobile broadband data oni plan oso has peak n off peak.

      • Sorry, should have mentioned earlier, was comparing P98 to this.

    • Hex

      I called them just now. Broadband 100 got solid 24 hours quota, no divide like previous plan.

      Finally, they abolish that stupid 2-8am quota.

  • Prncz Yul

    was wondering, what is Stream On Demand in digi page?

  • Yusman Azimi Yusoff

    gg yes fiz.
    ill terminate u this weekend.

  • Fairuz M Noh

    so, if we finished the stream on demand quota, we cannot use the remaining quota for stream on demand services?? wtf…..most of the data used is actually for the stream on demand services, need to top up different quita?? doesnt make sense…..

  • kornfuse2

    I have problem logging in online games via smartphone.. Such as coc n clash royale.. No connection error..