HP Pavilion 15 Review: Are We Sure This Is A Gaming Laptop?

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  1. KaYu92 says:

    Only 1GB hard disk on Asus ROG ???

  2. seancorr says:

    Maybe it’s better to call this a multimedia laptop? A jack of all trades but none the master.

  3. sbn says:

    I own this for working purpose, compare to RM 3500+- Asus unit, this HP pavillion show the lousy of the HP brand image, plastic + low volume & simple audio + no SSD + exhaust vent on the right side (not comfortable) + short battery life

  4. Ben says:

    I have the i5 variant. Yes I agree, the GPU of this laptop is not for playing demanding title like Witcher 3. It’s more suitable for online gaming like WOW, Diablo III, Dota 2, etc. Build quality wise, not solid enough. Upgrading RAM/HDD is a pain as well.

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