In Defense of the 12-inch MacBook (And How I Lived with One)

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  1. Zaryl Masters says:

    i’m also eyeing on this Macbook, but seeing that it only uses intel core M, fanless & with just one port, i had to change my mind.
    Perhaps i would better off taking HP envy 13, although the battery life isn’t that spectacular as Macbook’s.

  2. 大猫 says:

    for that specifications? no.

  3. Hattori says:

    “upon reconnecting: the SD card was reformatted”

    You are saying that the MacBook reformatted your SD card without your consent ?
    Way to go. Absolutely no.

    If this was a Windows, at least it will ask you whether to format it or not if the OS found the partition corrupt.
    Corrupt partitions may be restored or files then can be recovered using free utilities such as TestDisk/PhotoRec.

  4. Hammer head says:

    ” If HP managed to fit in an Intel Core i processor into the Spectre 13 (which is even thinner than this MacBook), why can’t Apple?”

    They can , maybe save for future . Slowly upgrade abit by abit and jack up the price by Rm1000 .

  5. Lam WS says:

    F,limsy A,nd G,ore

  6. uat88 says:

    Put an iCore 7 and iCore 5, put more ports and lower down the price. Only then it will be interesting.

  7. I want the nasi lemak behind your 12″ macbook.

  8. Blaen says:

    You didn’t like the Surface Pro 4 and instead think that this 12-inch MacBook is better as a daily driver? Apple fanboy alert..

    1. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

      and….you own both and had fair share of usage time between the two of them?

  9. Vinod says:

    Consumers have accepted that Apple products cost a premium, but to limit the connectivity to just one port that required adapters for most to use is downright greedy. No amount of portability justifies such a downsize, especially when we’re talking about a machine that was designed for productivity.

  10. Ahmad Ikram Mohammad Shukri says:

    I’m just curious..what is wrong with Surface Pro 4? Maybe you can write an article about your experience with Surface Pro 4.

    1. Andrew Cheng says:

      It’s really a combination of several factors on why I traded in my SP4 for the 12-inch MacBook. The MacBook has better battery life, trackpad, and quality control: my unit of the SP4 had a very evident backlight bleed, which turned out to be a pretty common issue with the tablet. Worse still, I wasn’t able to RMA it cause the distributor mentioned it’s not severe enough to warrant an exchange.

      That said, I wouldn’t say the 12-inch MacBook is better than the SP4. I was unfortunate enough to receive a unit with a less-than-satisfactory display, and while both of these products are targeted at the same group of consumers (mobile professionals), they’re simply different implementations of the same idea. For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed using both the MacBook and SP4.

      Hope this answered your curiosity. 🙂

  11. Courage says:

    You are probably the very minority who purchased this overpriced Core M laptop with one USB port and 480p front-facing camera (seriously even the iPad has better front-camera). This laptop should not be priced above RM4k judging by his limited specs. But oh well, you get that shiny Apple logo (that does not light up this time round). I would probably advise those who seek a Core M to go for Asus UX305, otherwise if you would want OSX, just go for the Macbook Pro/Air.

    1. Andrew Cheng says:

      I used the 2015 UX305 for some time, but like I mentioned in my review of it, it felt too sluggish for my liking. With this MacBook, it doesn’t feel as sluggish: OS X seems to run better with a Core M processor than Windows.

      That said, I do agree with you that the MacBook Pro and Air would be better alternatives to the 12-inch one, even though the former two aren’t as portable. The single USB-C port is too hard to live with. :/

  12. AzlSir says:

    actually the keyboard is the lamest of all laptops and mac.. no feel of pressing.. people can easily confused whether they pressed the key or not..

    one more thing.. this is what i call money making machine for apple.. it is not fixable according to ifixit…
    i rather call it a “pakai buang” mac.. once spoiled or damage, just throw it way in bin… that how easy it is..

    besides, usb-c.. its a nightmare with one port… so for me.. i will say this machine sucks, better got get 11″ or 13″ macbook air.. which is far more better than 12″ macbook…

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