Suarez Biting Incident At World Cup Drives Social Media Crazy, From Football Fans to Big Brands

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  1. truman6 says:

    b4 the match started, i already know italy will lose when i see that the referee was mexican….that’s y suarez escape punishment…really unfair cos it would turn the tide of the match…i feel pity on italy…

    1. Jun Jun Yap says:

      according to this comments, I am pretty sure you didn’t watch the match at all.

      Yes, referee played some crucial factor, like sending Machisio out but Italy held it for 30 mins until Uruguay scored. The biting wise, live replay did not show enough angle tho. (At least for me it’s more a head-butt than bite, but given by Suarez’s reputation, it is no doubt tho)

      ITALY played so poorly even the commentator is complaining.

      1. truman6 says:

        dun “pretty sure” anything cos you dunno me..i watched & it was a boring match, until the last 20-30 minutes…Italy played poorly or not, still it was unfair…

  2. hoong says:

    It’s just WOOOOW!!! XD

  3. thinktank says:

    hahahaha…felt sorry for italy,i still remember the World Cup 2006 finals in Germany where they beated French 5-3 (penalty) after a 1-1 draw where there were an accident involving Zinedine Zidane accuse of headbutting Marco Materazzi and he was given a red card during extra time. At that time if we saw the footage we can see that the italian pretend to be hurt a lot when actually Zidane headbutt is not that hard but to actually sent off a star player and winning the cup meant a success for them. And know karma is biting them in form of Luis Suarez, and for me they deserved it.

  4. truman6 says:

    Luis Suárez suspended for nine matches and banned for four months from any football-related activity by FIFA…serve him right…wonder who said he’s more headbutt than biting? 1st time heard headbutt use mouth

  5. David Adams says:

    At least some 167 people actually benefited from this. LOL! my goodness.

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