Xiaomi to Start Malaysian Assault with the Mi 3, Launching May 20 With the Promise of More to Come

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  1. annmix says:

    Clear stock in Malaysia again.. no sd card. Front cam 2mp. Not really interested.. but feel sorry for asus zenfone.. should announced dead before arrival..

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Wow. Not really sure what more you’re expecting for a Snapdragon 800-powered phone that costs RM889.

      1. annmix says:

        Oh well for jus a regular user by using call message chats apps n browsing.. im very happy with the new honor 3C.. n 5mp for my favorite selfie.. hehehe !! Snapdragon or chicken i dont care.. even my note 3 always hang.. thats snapchicken right ?

        1. samseng says:

          sammy always hang because of it’s touchwiz. anyway goodluck with your honor3c because im sure mi3 is better than them in every aspect. well except the selfie cam which i hardly use

          1. annmix says:

            Can u elaborate wat is much better in mi3 ? For normal use all are jus smooth.. so for me its the same

        2. Vincent says:

          You cannot expect much from Samsung and Touchwiz. Its terrible.They are only selling well because of Super Marketing budget. You see their advertisement everywhere to the point of it becoming annoying

          1. annmix says:

            Canot expect much ? Of coz hv to expect coz its 2 .3K phone… not rm230

        3. Netwern says:

          That is because you’re stupid to buy Samseng phones. If you know how to flash CyanogenMod on it you’ll be enjoying stock Android which is fast and smooth.

      2. xproc says:

        16gb for a such powerful phone is not that enough….

    2. kzm says:

      Better than nothing…even our neighbour just launch it..

    3. Wong Mandara says:

      honor 3c good at front camera on other thing both of 2 phone are so similar .Just buy what you wan,be happy to own it~

  2. annmix says:

    Oh ya i think im more lookimg forward for redmi note than this mi3….hope they launch soon

  3. Ricky Wong says:

    Seems like Xiaomi is having a high chance to be successful in Malaysia market. At least they have already won the heart of their fans. Like what mentioned in the post, RM889 for Mi 3, it simply kill off all other phones within same price range. Not to mention they are more products to come.

    In the end, may be the situation will be somewhat similar to China – people complain the hungry marketing strategy. But in terms of sales volume, branding, and market impact in Malaysia, it seems quite optimistic for Xiaomi.

  4. Faris Fitri says:

    RM889 for such specs is crazy. Are they making any money out of this phone?

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Not really, actually. I’m working on a little feature about what Barra talked to us about the company. Stay tuned 🙂

  5. Matchy says:

    Didn’t ask about the Mi3s? And no 64GB version?!

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Obviously we tried. But do you think the VP of a company would talk candidly about its upcoming product?

      As for the 64GB version, it will depend on demand. Barra told us they’re still studying the possibility of bringing in other colours (and perhaps the 64GB variant as well) in the future on a limited basis.

      1. Matchy says:

        Thanks for the info! Just hope they’ll bring in the higher capacity model… since microsd is not supported..

  6. Ming Han Niam says:

    wrong reporting > “Given that Malaysia is only the second international market that Xiaomi will be penetrating” The 2nd market is Singapore

    1. Eason47 says:

      China is the local market…
      While Singapore is the first “international market” for xiaomi, and;
      Malaysia is the second ” international market”, n wasn’t that correct?

  7. Jeff Wong says:

    silver only huh

  8. Obama says:

    What about the mi3 LTE version, are they going to launch that?

    1. jane.austin says:

      hi “president” hah,,,,,mi3 is not compatible 4G network,not China, not Malysia,just have 16GB version and 64GB version, http://fr.xiaomidevice.com/xiaomi-mi3-3g-snapdragon-800-quatre.html

  9. ronn says:

    They are clever to launch Mi3 1st, looking at frenzy sales of recent Huawei Honor 3C, Mi3 would surely sold out damn fast. BTW, is the redmi Hugo mentioned, 1S version? Looking at SG price I’m targeting redmi to launch around RM439 to RM459. But if 1st gen redmi is launched instead, it might loss out to Honor 3C, in term of value for money.

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Hmm…I *think* it’ll be the 1S version, with the Qualcomm chipset.

      Hugo specifically mentioned that they will be bringing in the 8GB version, and that’s the 1S. I may be wrong with this, as I’m not familiar with the Redmi 1 and 1S.

  10. Joe says:

    Is this gonna launch 20th or 19th?the image n powerbank say 20th… but the article says 19th to be exact?

    None the less, very excited to see a new player comes to malaysian market. Well done xiaomi

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Launch event will be held on the 19th to mark the official arrival of Xiaomi, but the device itself will be available the next day via its official website.

  11. Buk says:

    Does the price already included Paypal charges?

  12. Lee Sze Yong says:

    sad to see that hugo thinks the era of QWERTY is behind us. a hardware QWERTY keyboard still provides many advantages. personally, i think companies just want an easier manufacturing process…

  13. nizam says:

    where can i find xiaomi mi note case???

  14. Ayush Gupta says:

    Recently they launched Mi3 in India for $250 http://geekltd.com/xiaomi-mi3/

  15. Brian G says:

    yupe.. u see the heat to buy mi3.. its just unbelievable…sorry to say that i cant buy any from xiaomi website and thus get from mudah or tuneocean.com

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