PlayStation 3 From Only RM 79: Are You For Real, Sony Malaysia? [UPDATE: It's Gone] - Lowyat.NET

PlayStation 3 From Only RM 79: Are You For Real, Sony Malaysia? [UPDATE: It’s Gone]

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  • Billy

    i’ve ordered one. LOLLLLl

  • alee

    i see payment is required….

  • Camo_Suit

    Yeap, I already buy it just now 🙂

  • ir1z

    purchased already made as well HAHAHAHA…..TQ sony for the presents

  • fieznur

    bought a set myself. what happen if Sony does not want to honour the order?

  • jq

    lol, it’s fixed now.

  • Terence

    apparently the below RM100 offer has vanished.

  • Helob

    I bought the RM99 set. It came up to RM139 total including RM40 delivery.

  • nez

    is it just me or the offer is no longer there

  • Max

    Well too bad they have updated the web .. no more RM79 PS3.. those that have order.. good luck.

  • Faith

    They took it down already. Good thing I place order first AHAHAHHA

  • Kent

    Then file a complain to the to the National Consumer Complaint Centre (NCCC) if they don’t fulfill our order lol

  • WongYongLin

    in my bank only hav few hundred rm only and i use it all to order lol … 6 units xD thanks for the big gift

  • Hafiz_Sulaiman

    latest at 6.30pm. Sony have revised the price back to normal! manage to order b4 it happen!!

  • Megat

    Damn, they reverted to the original price. 🙁

  • pushan

    walao…adv vanishh??

  • Ash

    Haha..too early for April Fool eh

  • kamikraze

    Fixed already..

  • Gynaecologist

    Just bought 3 for myself! Sony malaysia, u better give it to us, if not we’ll bring this matter to japan’s prime minister!

  • pushan

    lol!! 6 unit order?? comfirm sony malaysia close their shop ma…

  • WongYongLin

    I forget to record down my order ID lol !!!! F*** !!! how to check status like this zz darn it

  • Genso

    This offer is already gone….
    It’s not on the sony store anymore ;-;

  • Alloy

    If already made order?? How to make the online payment?? i dun receive any email or notification for performing payment!!

  • alloy

    how to make the payment if order is made??

  • devin

    haha..6 units ordered..3 is gonna be for sale at 😛

  • Xl2k

    I have order friend order 2….

  • Xl2k

    we can go ramai ramai……to file a complain to the to the National Consumer Complaint Centre (NCCC) if they don’t fulfill our order… if misleading ad..they have to pay up to 1 million….

  • Jon

    LYN any update from Sony MY if they will follow through with this?

    For those who asking about the payment – it says that a Sony Customer Rep will contact you within 3 working days to confirm details and payment.

  • fieznur

    if you forgot to record the order no, maybe you can try click previous page button on your browser.

  • Kent

    U can still place an over for value pack (white) it show RM1,199 but when u click on it. The checkout cart show RM79 only. I guess they forgot to change checkout cart

  • Ho

    Checkout part still showing wrong prices.
    White is RM79.
    Black is RM 0.

  • zend3r


    i just sapu 15 units on the white 1

    10 for credit card

    another 5 from maybank2u

  • nazir

    apparently, the price change on the main interface have taken place but when you place the order it becomes 100+

  • UJil

    their programmer will [CAW]

  • WongYongLin

    U can still place an over for value pack (white) it show RM1,199 but when u click on it. The checkout cart show RM79 only. I guess they forgot to change checkout cart

    HAHA !!! thanks 4 da information , i ordered another 3 units lol !!! haha

  • Sim

    Thanks man..
    I just place my order just now….
    See what’s Sony gonna do about it

  • Marcus

    hai… not able to get one unit for myself. Anyone got order extra units can sell me. Contact me at

  • Sim

    PlayStation®3 Value Pack (Black) = RM 0.00
    Grab now!!!

  • Brian

    I ordered 10 X white and 10 X black bundle, but the shopping cart seems to be broken.

  • Xl2k

    I just register at sony wbsite and received confirmation for account creation… till now no email receive regarding the order…LOL

  • Marcus

    It was stated that “… you will receive order confirmation with 3 working days to verify the deals and STOCK AVAILABILITY…”. So this will be the excuse for Sony not to honour your transaction with the reason of OUT OF STOCK.

  • John Tio

    Just order 10 set of PlayStation®3 500GB Value Pack (Black) for the price of RM0 and 3 set of PlayStation®3 500GB Value Pack (White) for the price of RM237. Hopefully Sony will ship this to me and will sell the remaining PS3 out. LOL

  • Niadruob Ynohtna

    I tried to place an order as well. At checkout, it says amount RM0. So I added 2 more units and still RM0 but quantity is 3. However, the checkout button didn’t seem to work. LOL!

  • Niadruob Ynohtna

    You’ll only get a confirmation number after placing the order but no payment is made yet. Therefore legally, I don’t think sony will get into trouble. Just my opinion.

  • James

    All of you people so greedy. Just order 1 unit each yo [CAW]. Bulk order so sudden, of course Sony will reject later. Use your head, not your [CAW] [CAW].

  • weng

    Boooo….no more just checked my email all price in cart now Blammm!! All become Rm1199…

  • weng

    All price been change…if you have Sony ID log in go cart (item) will see all price been become Rm1199

  • Deng

    So, anyone who bought it screwed?

  • xl2k

    If they say out of stock… i can wait…

  • Gotta say, this is the most commented article I’ve ever seen on Lowyat.NET.

  • WongYongLin

    lol why still in cart ? you should submit the order , if you submit edi , the item will no longer in your cart , i just checked my order , the total price still the f***ed up price xD

  • zork

    Sony has a contractual obligation to honour the deal at the earlier price offered. Those ppl who got the old prices should take Sony to court to fight

  • MasterKim

    Cheapskate like to use consumer rights/tribunal as excuse to get that mistakenly published price.

    Be realistic la…you cheapskates are crying like a child.

  • TP

    Everybody is entitled to take the case to NCCC if Sony doesn’t oblige.

    But there’s a fine line between consumer rights and daylight robbery. The market price of PS3 isn’t RM99 and it’s obviously a typo. Just my two cents.

  • moronic people is moronic

    You people think u can get away with that?


  • too good to be true hahaha

    Hahaha, you guys dam fail. What if it was an web scam? each person loses RM79. Imagine how many people would have paid?

  • Wong

    Just called SONY customer service line and they mentioned it is system glitch caused the pricing error. And I still insist to know if they will be honouring the price and orders made. They told me that they will get back to all who had made the booking at RM79 / RM99 by TODAY (after the Marketing Dept had finalised their meeting).

  • WongYongLin

    lol that mean sony will call us and apologize for the inconvenience caused and the order made will all be cancelled/void ?

  • WongYongLin

    lol i don’t believe it is system glitch , i believe all of this problem is hand make 1 , they just find an excuse , anybody free can go sue them xD

  • Syefri sushi chapree

    Syefri “Chapree” Zulkefli too stupid go an order it ? hahhaaha so cheapskate asian dude. Use your brain, no one will sell it that cheap even if they smoke pot. What were you smoking ? your own shit ? hahhahahaa Make a fool out of yourself by ordering it. use your brain lah sakai.

    • Poh Kee Mok

      Hah, when did people never take advantage of price glitch? no need price error also people are cheapskate already, like some cheapskate chinese would rather robbing in a day light, and fk up other races and calling them sakai because they are not greedy enough to get rich like them. fking chinks

  • IceEva

    Darn…. To anyone who have extra units from the sale and willing to sell it at a price lower than RM500. Contact me at I’m looking for a PS3 at a cheap price.

  • didi

    please! i want one

  • Nasim raime

    Serious buyer, willing to buy lower than to me

  • Teik man

    If any one willing to sell at a price below market price~we negotiote in email please~Email me or facebook me

  • Sam Hammett

    hi are you looking for a ps3?

    i have one still in perfect working order

    no marks of scratches.

    i have 12 games all original

    2 controls.

    i still have the box ( curantly the ps3 is sitting in)

    tex me at 0193383463 in kl.

    price can nego to let go.