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Sony Xperia Z Lands In Malaysia On 15 March, Priced At RM 2199

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  • Roy Lui

    Any info about the ZL? Thank you.

  • Fariz

    mana ZL natang! :p

  • wayne

    Is this 4G LTE version?

  • Jafni

    abg chapree, got info regarding accessories? do the dock included in set?

    • Still waiting for the confirmation. Q&A at the launch coming shortly.

  • Jafni

    Will be waiting for your updates.. Thank you!

  • lingch3n

    pro-oder will be get the device early?or still have to wait until 15mac
    and gift for pre-oder?
    THX >.<

  • daijoubu

    It would be great if you can relay some questions to them:
    1) What will be the standard bundle like?
    2) When will the NFC bluetooth speakers be available?
    3) When will the dock be available?

    Thanks! =D

  • ming1130

    any idea on releasing with Telco?

    • Sony Mobile’s Head of SEA Markets, Ola Lilja Molen has mentioned that they are indeed in discussions with telcos but they not able to announce it today.

  • tut

    what’s in da box/package? some said dock, some said handphone

  • Wen

    Is Xperia Z and ZL support dual SIM?

  • Jafni

    Wen, both phones never have dual SIM support, if you really followed the news.

  • Arthur

    is the accessories same with the video in this link?damn, cant wait ady…

  • Wen

    Ok. Thanks~

  • pumpkin

    does it have all three colours on release date?

  • For all that asked about accessories that comes with the phone – sorry folks, no dock. Only a Sony premium earphone, apparently. On another hand, first 500 customers will able to redeem the Sony NFC speakers.

  • hafiz

    what about screen protector? is it in the box?

  • Danny

    Not being offensive, but if screen protectors are accessories that consumers want, big companies would not have the need to invest in scratch resistant glass for the phones eg.gorrilla glass. For me, I rather have good tough screen than a protector that spoils the screen image quality. Cheers.

  • hafiz

    I also want a really scratch resistant screen without the needs to install a screen protector.. but I’ve read about the xperia z’s shatter-proof sheet that covers the scratch resistant glass, can easily get scratched.. is it true? checkout this link:

  • Jafni

    Thanks for the update abg chapree… appreciate it.. 🙂