PlayStation 4 Out of Stock At 1 Utama Roadshow and Sony Stores: Next Batch Expected In January or February 2014

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  1. RoKie says:

    I just have to ask, how is it possible that the PS4 were sold out at the 1U roadshow, before it even started ?

    Also, to those who are clamoring for 1 now, suck it up. You should have pre-ordered it when there was roughly 3 weeks given to do so.

    1. RoKie: Well, just like how I explained it in the article above. Basically, they only have a handful of PS4 left for non pre-order customers. Then, all those units were purchased by walk-in customers that came early to the venue.

  2. Panther says:

    To me the issue was not about pre-ordering, but SONY giving the illusion that there would be a launching event and walk-in units for purchase will be made available, while knowing well in advance that there are insufficient units even to meet pre-orders.
    People with no pre-orders are not demanding or “clamouring” for PS4 today at the event, they were there at the event because they were misled.

    If SONY upfront explicitly states that the launch is to fulfil the pre-orders (as it seems that was SONY Malaysia intention all along) then we won’t have this issue. But they didn’t.
    As to ‘why” they didn’t we can only speculate.

    Maybe SONY Malaysia thinks that their product is such a premium (people ‘clamoring’?) that they can afford to antagonise their potential customers.

    Bottom line, I for one as a consumer intends to utilise my electronic christmas spending on something really nice this year. And will it be a SONY? 😉

    1. Paul says:

      Totally agree with you,It’s like give us hope, and break it

  3. L33tdawg says:

    This is by far the dumbest move that Sony could make – then again this is Sony Malaysia so I guess can’t be too surprised.

    Which genius thought launching a product 4 days before Christmas with insufficient stock was a good idea? You have just ruined Christmas for a lot of kids and adults and you expect that there will be no pissed off parents / customers? Lol. U SO SMART!

  4. e1 says:

    …Microsoft should considers launching its Xbox One here as seeing such huge demanding of Sony PS4.

    1. budu says:

      they will but at Q3/Q4 2014

  5. Plan for it next time says:

    Well, maybe should have pre ordered it if you really want it so much. Cos to think that talk in customers would have a unit on the first launch day is unrealistic with a high demand product like this. Look everywhere and you will see that pre orders are necessary for you to even get an item on lauch day.

  6. Mike says:

    I preordered a PS4 but didn’t even bother to get it when I saw the lineup of launch games. No killer titles, no point rushing. Wait 3 months also no problem.

  7. Jundan says:

    I would say this is the dumbest official launching for a international company. They should have enough stock for at least a thousand units for walk in customers, please respect your loyal consumer SONY!. And C’mon the pre-order units at SONY official website
    has been sold out since 30th Nov 2013. So SONY you can keep your PS4 in your own COUNTRY, if you think MALAYSIA is not BIG enough for your total sales.

  8. Elfin says:

    Don’t fret ps4 fans, there will be stock by January if not latest February. At least we were given a chance to pre order and Sony did bring in the console much earlier than we all expected.

  9. Winston says:

    Just now i walked past one shop in Labuan, 3-4 set of PS4!!

  10. ealt says:

    Do not worry because we did not get the PS4 now. We should thanks the early buyers since they will be a feedback on PS4 problems soon.
    Let’s we wait until the unit stable first. We all have an experienced with PS3 last time right. First batch units, for sure have a problems.

  11. chilskater says:

    RM1850 500GB price in Labuan.. 2 units left…cheap or not??

    1. shrimp boy says:

      All pay comes with 500GB. A basic console selling at RM 1,799.

      Not sure your 1,850 include games not? If basic console… then it’s not worth

  12. shrimp boy says:

    Mid valley game shop near the pet store have a lot of ps4 units available selling at RM 1,799. I was there yesterday(22.12.13) looking for ps4 games.

    For all brothers who want the console before Xmas. Do go to check it out.

  13. farizY says:

    I’ll give it another year or a year and half before considering buying one.

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