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Yes 4G Offering Xiaomi Mi 4i with Huddle Bundle From RM0, Comes with Even More Data

by Huei Song · 8 months ago · 3 Comments · 0 views

Yes Xiaomi mi 4i Bundle

Yes 4G recently added the Xiaomi Mi 4i into its postpaid bundle, offering the device, along with a Huddle XS, from as low as RM0. The bundle is also in conjunction with Yes’ on-going Raya Merdeka Bonanza 2015 promotion that offers even more data than before.

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Yes Announces Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 edge Bundles

by Farhan · 10 months ago · 2 Comments · 1.3k views

Yes Galaxy S6

Yes has announced its postpaid bundles for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, which it claims to be the absolutely lowest prices it can afford to charge. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Super Postpaid Plan Bundle will offer the Galaxy S6 for just RM799.

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Telco Companies To Lower Broadband Package Prices By At Least 6%

by Terry Bass · 10 months ago · 8 Comments · 0 views

MCMC Fines Telcos 2015

According to a report by Bernama, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek has said that Telco companies have agreed to lower the price of broadband service charges by at least 6% to further increase the usage of high-speed internet among the society.

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Yes 4G Now Offering Xiaomi Redmi 2 for Free, Comes with Free Huddle and More

by Huei Song · 11 months ago · 2 Comments · 0 views

Yes 4G Redmi 2 Bundle

If you’ve been waiting to get the Xiaomi Redmi 2 with a postpaid bundle, here it is. YES is now offering the latest Xiaomi Redmi smartphone in Malaysia for free when you sign up for a contract with them, and as with most bundles from Yes 4G, it comes with a free Huddle, as well as free call minutes and SMS.

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Yes Offering the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Along with a Yes Huddle XS 4G Mobile Hotspot for Free

by Huei Song · 1 year ago · 1 Comment · 0 views

YES Free Redmi Note 4G Huddle XS Bundle

If you are having difficulty getting your hands on the newly announced (in Malaysia at least) Redmi Note 4G because Xiaomi Malaysia hasn’t had any flash sales for it for weeks now, here’s another alternative for you to consider – you can even get it for “free”. Yes 4G is offering the Redmi Note 4G along with a Yes Huddle XS mobile hotspot for free when you sign up for a contract with the internet provider today.

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YES Now Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 4 From RM799, Comes with Free Huddle XS

by Huei Song · 1 year ago · 5 Comments · 0 views

YES Note 4 Bundle

Calling all of you who wish to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can now get it with a contract from YES 4G. Sign up for one of the company’s Super Postpaid Plan bundle, and get the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung from as low as RM799 – YES offers up to 10GB of 4G internet, 2000minutes of free calls, and even a free Yes 4G huddle so you can share the internet quota with multiple devices at one time.

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Customers Reported Service Disruption In Multiple Locations: Is Yes 4G Having Massive Network Outage?

by Chief Chapree · 1 year ago · 4 Comments · 2.3k views

Yes 4G Router

Said to take place mainly since yesterday, a significant number of customers are reporting service disruptions to their Yes 4G Internet connections. These complaints can be seen publically on Yes 4G’s Facebook page as well as on Twitter and have also been reported on our forums.

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Yes 4G Offers Acer Iconia One 7 Tablet Free With Early Bird Bundle Plan

by Farhan · 1 year ago · 1 Comment · 2.3k views

Yes Iconia One 7

YTL Communications’ mobile broadband service Yes has announced that it is offering the Acer Iconia One 7 Super Postpaid Bundle Plan. Customers who subscribe to the plan will be given a free Intel powered Iconia One 7 tablet, in addition to all the regular benefits of subscribing to Yes broadband. The bundle is exclusive to all Yes Stores and Yes Exclusive Retail Partners nationwide.

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[Opinion] In Defence Of Malaysia’s “Slow” Internet

by Lucas Lau · 2 years ago · 44 Comments · 0 views


I complain about the state of Malaysia’s internet like the rest of you. I have experienced the golden pastures of Korea and Japan, clocking ridiculous speeds in coffee shops and seeing that Speedtest needle redline like a a drift car attacking a course. I have experienced the time where not even an instagram picture would load while my phone proudly reported H+ with a smug satisfaction, like it wasn’t just H, it was better than that.

But when people were sharing this article from a daily that based on a study conducted by Ookla (of fame) proclaimed Malaysia to have, on average, slower (therefore worse) internet than neighbours Vietnam & Cambodia, even my jaded eyebrow was raised.

Today I rise to the defence of our internet. The numbers don’t tell the full story and lead us on a roundabout journey of self loathing and MCMC complaints when in fact, we are not doing so badly at all. The number at the end of a speedtest is not the be all and end all, being able to take the test in more places anywhere in the country, is.

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Yes Will Send Winner Of #YesToRio Contest To World Cup Final In Brazil

by Farhan · 2 years ago · No Comments · 290 views


4G broadband provider Yes has officially launched #YesToRio, an online contest that will send two grand prize winners on an all expense paid trip to watch the World Cup 2014 final in Brazil. The contest consists of a series of three fun web-based games; with the winner determined from a combined score from all three of the games.

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Yes 4G and Intel Malaysia Announced Partnership To Deliver Integrated 4G Devices To Educational Sector

by Chief Chapree · 2 years ago · 10 Comments · 108 views

Yes 4G - Intel Malaysia Partnership

YTL Communications (or more fondly known as Yes 4G) and Intel Malaysia earlier today have officially announced their brand new partnership which will see the introduction of 4G-integrated devices in the educational sector – specifically, the 1BestariNet program. While both parties have no roll out schedule to share during the press conference earlier today, Intel have mentioned that the 4G-integrated devices will be laptops and tablets that are running on Android or Chrome OS.

In theory, this partnership brings together a lot of great things on the table for both parties. For example, it allows Intel – who have always been interested in educational sector through our programs such as ISEF and many more – to be involved in the 1BestariNet which is a large-scale, national-level project involving more than 10,000 schools throughout the country.

As for Yes 4G, they have just got themselves yet another strong technology partner – not that they are lacking of them especially with Google, Samsung and many more are already at their side. To put things into perspective, Intel are able to provide pretty much almost anything that Yes 4G need for their service from processors for devices of multiple form factors to WiMAX as well as LTE chips.

Samsung Chromebook

Let’s not kid ourselves though: this partnerships is still at its infancy, to say the least. Anything could happen along the way but in my humble opinion, this newly announced partnership between Yes 4G and Intel Malaysia certainly have the potential to grow if they able to navigate it in the right direction.

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Yes 4G’s LTE Network To Be Launched in 2014

by Chief Chapree · 2 years ago · 5 Comments · 1.5k views

Yes 4G Router

When MCMC announced LTE’s 2600MHz spectrum allocation around a year ago, YTL Communications or more known to consumers as Yes 4G was one of the eight companies in the list. So far, they have yet to roll out any LTE-based service to consumers but that might change next year though as Dato’ Yeoh Seok Hong, the Executive Director of YTL Communications have stated that the company’s LTE network will be launched in 2014.

The revelation was made at the YTL Communications and Intel joint announcement which took place earlier today. However, Dato’ Yeoh didn’t provide any exact launch date or timeline for the roll out of LTE under Yes 4G. Nevertheless, he did pointed out that users will barely notice the differences as their Yes 4G connection will fall back to WiMAX in situations where LTE network is not available.

Truth to be told, this is actually not the first time that Yes 4G have listed 2014 as their LTE year. The company’s CEO, Wing K. Lee have stated in an interview back in May that 4G-LTE is a 2014 story. He also has pointed out in another interview that Yes 4G will continue to use WiMAX alongside LTE. Additionally, the company will also continue using Yes ID as a master identity which altogether are in line with Dato’ Yeoh’s description above.

In conclusion, it seems like LTE main role for Yes 4G is to supplement the company’s existing capabilities to deliver high speed wireless broadband to users through WiMAX. That being said, I do believe that Yes 4G will add variety of services to take advantage of their LTE network once it is fully deployed in 2014.

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