Yes 4G and Intel Malaysia Announced Partnership To Deliver Integrated 4G Devices To Educational Sector

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  • ADAM

    It’s going to be a white elephant like the other money making project that they throw to the education sector. Just step foot at any schools and you’ll see the remorse on the teacher’s faces about their so called “IT” infrastructure. Even the recent chromebook rollout. Made some money for some young business man, but then leaves the school in the lurch. After 1-2 weeks of this hype, it goes back to the drawing board on how to make more money threw the education sector. They don’t even use that piece of crap.My sincere opinion is that instead of throwing bombastic technology at schools, make a program that has some longevity and a proper support system to prolong at least one project in the schools for the kids. And give them constant training and support. If you got money to throw high-technology at them, don’t you have the brains to support it?

  • Lee Hup


  • AeGan King

    Wat the hell… 4G net YTL langsung xpower la… macam sial… kalau luar bandar langsung xdapat bodoh… nak partnership pula… try untuk dapatkan service baik untuk penduduk di luar bandar sebelum memperluaskan rangkaian partner anda… fikir dulu sebelum langkah… lubang besar dihadapan kalau jatuh xbole bangun

  • Lee Hup

    Sincerely speaking here….. the service 4G which is provided by the YTL not competitive if compare to the Maxis or Digi….. I am felt regret due to bad services which is provided by YTL such as no coverage…. a lot of program cannot acces and ETC…. For me there is paying for nothing. Now they want to introduction of 4G-integrated devices in the educational sector… Pls stop lying to society in order to fullfil your stomach of money…

  • Arman Shah

    So funny when a provider come out with new product, but still low on their coverage and services… Come on guys, you have big money to build a better one. don’t shame on your own sake of YTL.. (Yang Terlalu Lemah).. and yes, Pls stop lying to society in order to fullfil your stomach of money…

  • Nazreen Yahya

    Bad services.

  • Ridzuan Shah

    Intel should not supposed to collabrate with YES 4G in order to keep their good brand and services. This is because YES 4G provides poorest coverage and services and does not meet the standards in advanced countries such as the singapore and japan..

  • James Wong

    One word to describe Yes4G’s network, “SUCKS”.

    Bad services, at first it was good. But after few days, just like stone age speed. Don’t cheat customer’s money please. YTL means “Money first, Your Talk Later”

  • Shika Cendana

    Intel please avoid collaboration with YTL..don’t make your company reputation stills trusts you to deliver better products with quality..seems YES 4G has poorest could reflect negative assumption on product…