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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Releasing in June with Lower Price Tag

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  • Arvin

    If 2699 i definitely will buy

  • ZeroHunter

    confirm RM3k+ in malaysia

  • Skywax9016

    Well, selling it for higher or for the same price won’t make any sense. But, I do believe they could go a little bit lower, since it is older than it should be.

  • Ethanix

    2499 PLease

  • KarYeow Lim

    if RM2499, better go for Xiaomi Mi Note 2 – safer and not refurbished.

  • Hunter

    Was a Note 7 user b4 and i loved it. This should replace the Note 5 with its ‘non-expandable storage’ crap. Should be priced at max 2199 to get people really interested in it and I myself wouldnt even blink to buy it if it really comes our shores with such price..

    • Christos Quake

      I was saving to buy N7 before the recall. My old trusted N2 finally died on me early this month so I bought N5 64GB version. I would definitely buy N7R if it’s available here and it’s not banned on flights.

  • Chip

    RM2700? that’s close to preorder price. forget it, next please

  • Sam Ting Wong

    Was N7 user and love it a lot.. Will definitely consider if they sell at most RM1999