Xiaomi Mi 6 Hands On: Missing a Beat

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  • salimbest83

    bad move bro.. bad move

  • Dark_Knight

    Welcome to 2014 , where Full HD resolution was the benchmark for all flagship phones

    • Ann Zwei

      I prefer it actually for 5″ phones not noticeable. Saves battery.

    • PieBash

      I applaud Xiaomi for sticking with 1080p but getting rid of the headphone jack? No thanks.

    • Shazley Sahib

      I’d prefer selectable res. 2K/4K for VR. 1080p for everyday use.

  • Sho Fukamachi

    those thick bezels….urrgghhh

  • Wan Kay

    One step forward, two steps back

  • Dreal

    The really bad move in my opinion is the absence of the headphone jack.
    The very single reason I don’t find it worth it to upgrade to.

    FHD display is understandable.
    Other than RAM (which is now more expansive than ever) and the SoC, display panel is what determine the price of phones; also true for monitors, TVs ,etc too.
    Saves battery too; a 1080p resolution; heck even a 720p on 1440p panel is still more power hungry than a 1080p panel of the same tech.
    Many phone reviewers already tried customized scaling which resulted in minor difference, literally just by a few minutes. Gaming is a different story as it involves other factors, mostly the SoC power consumption.