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Xiaomi Mi 6 Officially Unveiled, Features Snapdragon 835 and Dual Camera Setup

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  • Ann Zwei

    “Xiaomi has omitted the 3.5mm audio jack on the Mi 6″….What the EFF can everyone stop trying to be “creative” like Apple!

    • Jay

      well at least this looks good, and still maintaining the slim clean cut profile

  • disqus_Om39rakc4y

    LOL RIP jack. and malaysian should wait for another year before it reaches bolehland, also they will be leftover stock from tong shan.

    • Ann Zwei

      How am i supposed to connect my Xiaomi pro iems and headphone then? sad

      • disqus_Om39rakc4y

        Sorry to hear that mate. main problem is that XIA-MI is not prioritizing Malaysia market. they are just using our country as stock dumping site. by the time mi6 reach malaysia something even better and more affordable already dominate malaysia market. just boycott man 😉

  • FarFairy

    This phone is such a waste of space, the “more bezel” screen, and following the “rotten fruit” step with no jack.

    • IckyMasala

      No camera bumps at the back though. “At least” they didn’t copy that Apple feature.

      Still, I agree with the “waste of space” sentiment there

  • Big Guy

    No headphone jack? My expectation just went down the drain.

  • FIST

    Mi Design Team: Lets see what Apple has done and just change the logo.

  • IckyMasala

    Hey Mi 6,

    Such large bezels you have 😛

    Damn, S8’s near bezel-less design just craps on every other phone

    • Kenneth Tan

      And has jack

    • kzm

      what bout price for both

      • Yong Chai

        rubbish product rubbish price..
        oh wait….

  • zzzxtreme

    just wondering why people need such “power” in phones? S6 is still bloody good

  • Chye Heng

    The decision of the removal of audio jack because of the curved design. Smart design decision. Surely a curved design is more important than an audio jack. Good Luck Mi. Lame as hell.

  • Pancanikonpus


  • CCH

    Wow so slim, feel like I need to slim down my finger as well to match it, coz slim is beauty, slim is beast. I finally can throw away my rm10 earphone and rm300 headphone and forgo my wish to buy a new rm1000 headphone, I can save so much money, coz bluetooth headphone are so much cheaper with crap sound? how st*pid… not that I care coz I cant buy it anyway 🙂

  • zher4883

    I love how people blaming Apple for being the pioneer of doing away 3.5mm headphone jack when LeEco is the first one who did it.

    • Ann Zwei

      Because LeEco didnt “revolutionize” it and no one cared.

  • YH

    good, so i just wait for Mi 7 which foresee the return of 3.5mm jack, after the bashes and user reject

  • Ethanix

    Curved back la, where got curved screen

  • Sho Fukamachi

    boring design, pass

  • MatSan


  • kzm

    S8 cannot challenge Mi6 price..

  • Jason Lee Chinhan

    Mi 6 spec. rampage S8 & S8+

  • JustFZ

    There is silver edition too!

  • xentra

    Mi6 design by far the worse in 2017 flagship