Is the Xiaomi Mi Box Better Than The Google Chromecast?

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  • Kenneth Tan

    Chromecast requires Android phone to work.(Like miracast, but better) While Android TV can work standalone.

    BTW, there have rumor that Google is considering ditch Chromecast cuz Android TV have better TV experience.

    • John Little

      There is no way this is true

  • dutt way

    Can’t you just sideload the iflix APK? Or just get playstore running? That’s how users with Nvidia tv shield get it to work and you have access to all sorts of apps

    • Karis Abas

      mi box has google cast support

    • Thinkerr™

      You can cast iflix, no issues. No need to sideload. However if you want to sideload you can too. But I just use my phone as a remote.

  • Kevin Koay

    Even I can do a better review than this and I have both of these products. Are you even trying or just being lazy?

    • Luqman Yumi

      Then please do, will like to read your take on these devices. Actual customer in-depth reviews are usually better for reference.

  • Izudeen Idrus

    i have both chromecast 2 and xiaomi mi box 3 (official malaysia) ; verdict –> Just get the xiaomi , it has more feature and with 4k native support it will last you long time , and it can do exactly what the chromecast can do…

    • Thomas

      Can you can “cast” from your phone to the Mibox easily like Chromecast..?

      • Izudeen Idrus

        yes it does… same 100% feature as normal chromecast… as this box is built partnered with google

  • lamusiqa

    I’ve been using Chromecast Ultra for a few months now and it’s easily the most convenient tool to stream videos to the TV whenever I travel. Bad wifi at the hotel? Just manually set your hotspot login and turn on the tethering feature on your phone when it attempts to connect. Easy peasy.

    The 4K implementation is also better than Android TV. Chromecast Ultra supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Mi Box only supports HDR10 for movies and TV shows. It supports HLG (hybrid log gamma) HDR too but the feature is mainly for broadcasting networks.

  • Skywax9016

    I do hope the review would be more extensive than this. This article seems like it’s the summary of the review only.

  • Steven

    “Speaking of apps, there is one glaring app missing from the platform: iflix. Naturally, this issue only affects users in this side of the world and, even though iflix CEO Azran Osman-Rani promised one way back in August 2016, it is still not here. The iflix Android app supports casting to a Chromecast, however.”

    There IS a Iflix Android TV app. You can only find it using the search in Android TV playstore. Search for ‘flix’ without the quotes. It is like a pokemon, sometimes can find it or after several tries with other keywords, then it shows in the list of apps. I use a Malaysian google account.

    • Thinkerr™

      I installed the iflix app on the mibox via the sideload method. It works but I prefer casting it from my phone. Easier.

  • zzzxtreme

    im using a mi box with somekind of chinese custom rom. so many bloatware and ads. anyone knows where I can “fix” it ?I just need netflix. and also, i think many mi box has a flaw. it cannot output analog AV properly

  • Victor Liew

    Can XiaoMI TV box support Hypptv APK?