MCMC Announces Spectrum Reallocation: Affects Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, and U Mobile

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  1. ionStorm says:

    On the upside, this gives U-Mobile and DiGi a chance at getting more bandwidth (DiGi has a pitiful slice on 900MHz). On the downside, they might not get very much since Maxis and Celcom have deep pockets and many connections…

  2. flagstar says:

    Finally, took so long to reallocate them from old spectrum to new one where they should have done that years ago.

  3. R3d_Eyes says:

    No matter what, I guess end user will be affected later on… We as end user will have to absorb the bidding fee in near future!

  4. David Lee says:

    “many financial analysts expects that the total fee to be in the range of billions of ringgit”

    Am I correct to believe that the telcos would just pass the relocation costs down to the end users? In the end no one wins.

    1. Sensible Orange says:

      I think the most affected consumers would be Maxis customers as Maxis would want to continue bragging about their widest coverage.

      Not that Maxis customers are not already paying such high prices and their confusing prepaid packages to trick consumers.

      1. zher4883 says:

        Spectrum only affects coverage very minimal, but affects network speed quite some

      2. kzm says:

        it does not effect coverage.

    2. In MCMC’s full statement, there’s a line that said “Similar to the previous practice for the 3G spectrum, payments will be in phases, which will allow them to rollout services and not pass the cost to consumers.”

      So, telco shouldn’t pass the cost to customer but really, until all the smoke goes down, too early to know for now, IMHO. :3

  5. zher4883 says:

    MCMC should really open up TD-LTE instead of making telcos fight for such limited resources

    1. kzm says:

      It is standard everywhere to compete for spectrum..

      1. zher4883 says:

        We still have so much resources for the mobile network band. It makes little sense to compete for these resources when they could possibly open up new bands for new player/existing player

        1. kzm says:

          No need to adopt so many band. Band 3,5 n 7 enough already. More band more cost n then later underutilise.

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