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AMD Unveils Its 7th Generation A-Series Desktop Processors

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  • Ikd DKi
    Current rumors is that AMD compare the Zen performance 40% improvement with Bulldozer, not Piledriver.
    Zen 40% > than Bulldozer
    Piledriver ~15 % > than Bulldozer
    Zen top spec CPU will be competing with I5 bracket again, not I7.

    so, don’t bother to pre-order a Zen CPU.

    • Gavin Yong

      Time to sell AMD Shares

    • mxpie6

      seeking alpha is trash. rumors are rumors. AMD was very clear about the +40%. Shouldn’t pre-order anything anyway.

    • Nono

      False. 40% over Excavator. “Top spec” Zen was benchmarked versus an i7 6900K, so false as well. Nice FUD though. At best, you could at least go for clock speed FUD which could be very real. It’s very likely they won’t clock as high as Intel’s which is probably related to the process node more than anything else.

      Oh and Piledriver was only about 9% faster than Bulldozer, so false again.

    • Sillense

      Zen 40% > than Bulldozer, where did you read that? or your eyes have problem?

      • Kong King

        BLA BLA BLA BLA. Conclusion : AMD sux ass!

        • Nearika

          Butthurt fanboy above me didn’t see the Zen demo beating Skylake in their own Intel biased Blender benchmarks.

          • Kong King

            K. Still AMD is below Intel and Nvdia.

          • Kong King

            But but but AMD still sux ass… =(

    • Samuel Welch

      Even if true 8 i5 cores crushes 4 i7 core Zen 4 the win

    • Joms

      Nonsense, that pathetic author is just seeking hits for a living. Publishing wrong information based on one worthless benchmark.

    • Moravid

      40% is relative to Excavator

    • AS118

      They’ve been clear that it’s 40% over Excavator time after time. Compared to Bulldozer and Piledriver, Zen will be much faster. Seeking Alpha is totally not a reliable site. When AMD was $2, that was the time to get in, but Mark Hibben and others were saying avoid it, and look where the stock is now.

    • Nearika

      Wrong…. Zen 40% > Excavator

      Not bulldozer, and certainly not Piledriver.

  • Ikd DKi

    just wanted to see who’s still interested in Zen.
    Seeing the way AMD MY handled pricing, they will probably bring over the low end models and sell it with premium pricing.

  • Nathan Smith

    In case anyone skimmed over it, it should be reiterated that these are Excavator chips. Not Zen.