11street Becomes Exclusive Online Retailer For Touch ‘n Go Enabled Watch

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  1. lj0000 says:

    get a normal card, melt with acetone, stick the chip and antenna at the back of your phone. setel.

    1. Sleepyhead says:

      Nice tip….do u have any idea where can I buy the acetone? Any hardware shop sell the stuff or selected only? Mind to share?


      1. Skycrest says:

        hi, if you are able to do that, please contact me, i also want one.

    2. motospokesperson says:

      that’s definitely workable. kind of a hassle if people buy this watch for the purpose of commuting on LRT for example, considering most people wear their watches on the left when the TnG scanner is on the right lol

    3. Ian says:

      just put the entire card into the back of your (non NFC) handphone flipcase/silicone case/wallet/etc

  2. Sean Wong says:

    A time piece with tng capability. Wear it on your left wrist, go to a toll, and then…….. That’s when you realise ‘ytf did I waste my money on this?’ Limited edition dora the explorer watch aldo cheaper than this.

    1. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

      ….aaannnddd…that Dora The Explorer song automatically plays in my head…

  3. Teddy 'O Ryan says:

    Does the watch function like ‘SmartTAG’ and could be used at SmartTAG Lane at toll plaza?

    The watch is NOT a ‘SmartTAG’. It cannot be used as ‘SmartTAG’ at toll plaza.

    It is a watch with Touch ‘n Go function. You need to “Touch” on the reader at any Touch ‘n Go enabled locations – retail merchant outlets such as Watsons, Baskin Robbins, Tesco etc., Parking & Transit such as LRT or ride a bus.

    ps: you guys are lazy AF to even fact check this product, very sad.

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