Nvidia Launches GeForce GTX 1080 And GTX 1070 Graphics Cards: Price Starts At Under RM 1,600

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  1. HackMachine says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  2. VNPlayer 92 says:

    rm 1.6k not include gst and shipping?

    1. xyxy says:

      of course , might be around 1.8 to 2k when it reach malaysia

      1. VNPlayer 92 says:

        damn weak malaysia currency

      2. Vinod says:

        Still worth the price if you’re comparing it head-to-head with existing offerings in the market.

  3. ssxcool says:

    anyone want to buy my gtx 970?

  4. Abu.Salimah says:

    no info yet on power/heat/tdp??
    will it be more power hungry or the same as per 970/980 cards?

  5. Gavin Yong says:

    All those A-holes selling their 970s at 1.3K secondhand………even though Pre-GST/Oil Slupm prices were 1.3K brand new………..in your f*cking face.

    1. Antaras Yeong says:

      Seriously why even bother. Unless you’re in dire need of a 970 card right now. If the A-holes buyers are willing to STILL pay that much, then where’s the problem?

      1. Jay Husin says:

        The problem is when you’re okay with subtle robbery.

  6. FIST says:


  7. PapaGator says:

    I don’t believe the price. It’s true that the price for 1080 is US$599 (about RM2,359) and 1070 is US$379 ( RM1,515). Once the card is landing on Malaysia,the price would be RM 5K.

    1. Arvin says:

      Dont be a fool plz

    2. Stanly says:

      Thanks captain obvious.

    3. iphonesux says:

      wont be RM5k most properly about Rm3k plus

    4. NightFelix says:

      GST excluded

  8. Ikd DKi says:

    We can thank the Sarawak Election if GPU price is unstable. Ofc harga barang naik when got election, money used for election is only lent to government, after that ‘they’ will claim it back.

  9. Skycrest says:

    damn, don’t be tempted don’t be tempted, wait for hbm2 wait for hbm 2

  10. IckyMasala says:

    The timing is just a little off from DOOM’s release on May 13.

    Still, people who play the game on their old GPU may want to buy the latest NVIDIA when it ships May 27/June 10

  11. Zul Adlee says:

    its gonna cost more than that i gurantee it

    1. Hectorous says:

      Hope the import tariffs and tax won’t be too harsh…

    2. TheDizz says:


      RM2399 Pre-order for F.E GTX 1070 and RM3350 for MSI F.E GTX 1080 on lelong now

      1. amiris says:

        F.E GTX 1080 MSI/PNY/EVGA on Amazon $899 = RM 3710 .. *sadface*

        1. TheDizz says:

          Why amazon? lelong has it listed. Try contacting shop guy to confirm.

          1. amiris says:

            just now checked.. rm 3.4k – 3.5k.. cheaper than amazon 😀

          2. TheDizz says:

            Cheapest I see is MSI RM3350, they are all the same thing reference FE boards get the cheapest one 😉

  12. Mus'ab Sa'aban says:

    hai can i ask which is better 1070 or 980 ti?

    1. Hectorous says:

      It is shown the gtx 1070 will be better. Just have to see gameplay benchmarks if you’re looking for fps performance.
      Source: http://videocardz.com/60265/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-3dmark-firestrike-benchmarks

  13. Kong King says:


  14. amiris says:

    Fuck. I need to get out of my house and get to work to start saving for this. [postpone gaming life] XD

  15. Anuar Saad says:

    GTX 980 ti @2,600plus , cant wait to pick up GTX 1070 @24,00 for my ultra-wide monitor. anyone want to buy 970 cheap cheap,,,, hihi

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