Malaysia To Regulate Internet Use Using International Standards

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  1. thomas sim says:

    International standards as in China and Russia who simply block contents that attack on government ?

  2. somebodynicho says:

    and we all know what ur regulate means. you have no dignity. may you enjoy your afterlife in hell

  3. Slap_Bijan says:

    I am so gonna slap that bijan~ International Law against your songlap Money!!!

  4. David Lee says:

    International standards for regulating internet is freedom of speech. Regulating the internet /is/ against international standards.

  5. Vinod says:

    Regulation, not restriction. We all know what that means – you can now clamp down on anyone who has an unfavorable opinion of certain quarters. This essentially kills free speech for Malaysians on the Internet as we’ll be subject to bogus charges and tried in a kangaroo court.

  6. Zaryl Masters says:

    are we heading towards Communists’ countries like china or russia who really control the content of the internet?

  7. uat88 says:

    When the people elected is seen as corrupt and the the one assigned for the job is deem as incapable, the argument for this falls flat. The intention here can be seen as protecting own survival. Had the intention is for the good of the rakyat, it would be supported. Wouldn’t it better if the regulation comes was to protect the minors, catch the paedo, catch the criminals and crime on the Internet. That’s why the reason provided falls flat on the face.

  8. Vijayapragas Muniandy says:

    ‘International Standard’…

  9. seancorr says:

    Consolidating his power – that’s what he meant. Your days are numbered Najis

  10. kuntilanak says:

    Great Fire Wall of… Malaysia is coming??

  11. sean ong says:

    Wow, malaysia imitate all culture from middle east plus enhance with umno law. Malaysia R.I.P

  12. Paklan says:

    So ridiculous.

  13. hayrol says:

    Oh yeah, North Korean…..I mean North Malaysia in the making…

  14. VernaX says:

    Soon to be Puppets!

  15. Cyrus says:

    last time want follow international standard, implemented gst, now it’s internet’s turn….. wtf

  16. iko says:

    Is this due to the Anonymous message sent to Najis & Co?

  17. Phelix Pun says:

    One word. Coward.

  18. Kucen KL says:

    Can Malaysians really WAIT for GE14, the delayed UMNO party polls, the PAC members replacement, the new puppet AG to ‘take the recommended action proposed by BNM investigation’? Every passing day is like a ticking time bomb. Cut the red wire already please!

  19. gsforlife says:

    najisternet is here people its real

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