Celcom Now Offering 3GB Data for its First One Plan Merdeka Promotion

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    Enlighten me, what is this different with Basic38?

    1. user99999 says:

      50% more free calls and sms. at the price of rm10 more than basic38 (during promotion which already expired).

    2. Krel AMri says:

      no wifi data… more expensive actually

  2. Infinity_fly says:

    Hi InfoO2,

    The different between Basic38 and Basic48 is the given minutes call and sms :

    call : 50 Minutes
    sms : 50 sms

    Basic 48
    call : 60 Minutes
    sms : 60 sms

    Internet quota still the same. Grab it before it ends.

    1. Jay says:

      On celcom website its mentioned that this is first one plan, first basic is the upper tier plan. So first basic is actually superior?

      1. hadri says:

        Previously there is Basic 38 but no more available for new registration. At website now is Basic 85, and yes, higher plan than this One Plan 48.

        The question is more to current 38 is it worth it to upgrade to 48.
        Not for new customer to choose 38 or 48.

    2. mii2 says:

      Look like the earlier Basic 38 is more value for money. cause if u work out the extra minus & SMS given in basic 48 (10 + 10 @ 20sen = RM4), it is only cost u extra rm4. whereas, basic 48 is charging extra Rm10… haha… just my 2sen.

  3. mii2 says:

    anyone know the monthly fee is RM48 forever (so long as u sign up before 31 August) or it is just RM48 for august and after August it will revert back to RM68 per month?

    1. thomas sim says:

      From Celcom website:
      ‘Customers will enjoy the RM20 rebate each month as long as they stay active with FIRST™ One Plan.’

    2. Jay says:

      I think its 48 as long as the plan is active. But celcom can legally revert it back to rm68 as they see fit which is why they said they give rm20 rebate.

  4. thomas sim says:

    Still left one year contract with Maxis ! I want Celcom for mooooar data !

  5. aizathisyam says:

    Will the unused data be carried forward to next month ??

    1. hadri says:

      NO. From the FAQ:

      What if I did not fully utilised my Minutes, SMS or Internet allocation?
      Your Minutes/SMS/Data will be forfeited.

  6. Daniel Ng says:

    but the line quality is still very bad in Penang 🙁

  7. khaiandrew says:

    Does the 38/48 include rental of the line? Eg maxis has to pay rm10 for each supplementary line each month

    1. hadri says:

      celcom 48 CANNOT add supp line
      celcom 38 NO LONGER available to register
      it is normal telco charged a monthly fee for supp line.
      celcom itself (other than 38/48 plan) charged rm15/rm30 for normal supp line.

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