Confirmed: UniFi 30Mbps Now Available In All UniFi Areas, With 5Mbps Upload Speed

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  • MoogleStiltzkin

    every1 who signed up to 20mbps to pay much more than 30/50mbps packages are screwed over.

    tmnut really should have reduce 5/10/20mbps prices simultaneously as when they released 30/50. instead they just pissed off their userbase.

    • vez

      30/5, 5M upload only, although people might need more download speed, but some people do need upload power

  • Lim Zhi Khang

    i get the call and agree to upgrade but i been offer to aneka pack or varnam pack only, if ruby pack need to add on RM10. Not same as what the brochure said. anyone kindly clarify this?

    • KT

      I was offered and told the same about the RM10. Didn’t bother me much since we rarely use that.
      But I asked and they confirmed that the TM to TM landline calls will remain free as my old VIP10 package. Hope this stays true.

      • Jonathan Poh Chee Yong

        Yes, existing VIP customers get FREE RM20 call pack (FREE for 600 mins calls)

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    there is new info in the lowyat forum. menara tm point disclosed that in september you can get 30 and 50 mbps packages without the extra hypptv channels for a lower price

    “(mechakucha @ Jul 10 2015, 01:06 PM)
    Went to TM point. This is the price they quote.

    Unifi 30 internet + basic hypptv channel – RM169 (excl. GST)
    Unifi 50 internet + basic hypptv channel – RM219 (excl. GST)
    + Jumbo Pack – RM60 (excl. GST)
    + Call Plan – RM20 (excl. GST)

    Official launch sometime in September. Can upgrade directly for existing customer with VIP5/10/20 plan. No termination fee. Only contract renewal to 24 months.

    Edited to correct “internet only” as “internet + basic hypptv channels” after checked with TM sales.”


    due to the contract… i strongly recommend our fellow malaysians to be patient and wait for september before delving into 30 and 50 mbps. and for the love of god, don’t get 5/10/20 mbps. it’s highly suspected that in september there may be price reduction, but if not, you still got 30 and 50mbps which imo is a better deal.

    • lifeofahacker

      Hope this is true ! then i will be upgrading to 30mbps from 10 mbps !

      • Jazmi Gianni

        same here

        • Chin Yee Siang

          UNIFI AGENT HERE . The 30 & 50 mbps is already here , sms//call/whatsapp me for more details . i would kindly assists you =) 0173356288.

      • Chin Yee Siang

        UNIFI AGENT HERE . The 30 & 50 mbps is already here , sms//call/whatsapp me for more details . i would kindly assists you =) 0173356288

    • Stryker09

      so what if i already had taken the 20mbps offer when they called me @ 219. cant i upgrade and just renew my contract now to 30mbps @ 219 incl gst?

  • nope

    i don’t get why only offer 5mbps/ 10mbps upload speed when your download speed can be 30mbps/ 50mbps.

  • xyxy

    Come on … 5 mbps upload speed seriously ?

  • nope

    If you do play online games.

    is better to stick back to VIP20, else you will face unstable ping issue.

    • pityU

      ping and speed is diff, if the same network and infra, why ping would be diff?

      • nope

        if you have more than 6user connected to the access point in the same time then you get what i mean.

        • pityU

          then, same as current unifi la, coz existing like that, and upgrade like that, what the diff?

          • Zhi Yuan Lee

            i think it means the game they playing require more upload … 5mbits may not be sufficient … unless you streaming movies only…

          • pityU

            no online games are required more upload then there it is,everything installed in the pc, only few bytes send to server. if streamyx customer doesnt have a prob with online games (upload 312kbps/512 kbps mind you), why Unifi with 5Mbps would have prob with it?

        • pityU

          oh and, connected user not equal ping for online gaming

  • gsforlife

    what with the (*) and (**) ? secret T&C ?

  • NightFelix

    Am I the only one still using 1Mbps reading this? hmm…

    • roll89

      im with u bro… still waiting for unifi crew come n do unifi installation… but its more than 2 months since i register for unifi… i dont know how they do their job… too slow… =(

      • Chin Yee Siang

        Hi there unifi Agent here , it seems they did not follow up closely on ur case. I can get ur installation date within 24 hours. CAN YOU SMS/WHATSAPP / CALL ME 0173356288 for more details? Thanks ^^

    • evelyn

      I’m still using 1mb streamyx too because unifi still no port and been waiting for more than a year.

      • Chin Yee Siang

        Hi there unifi Agent here , it seems they did not follow up closely on ur case. I can get ur installation date within 24 hours. CAN YOU SMS/WHATSAPP / CALL ME 0173356288 for more details? Thanks =)

    • nks

      Wow…you still have 1Mbps? I still stick to 512Kbps at home…..:-D.

      Just not willing to pay RM150+ for 5Mbps as I hardly surf at home….

      Wondering if Maxis will follow thru with same price but double the speed? ;-p

      • Zhi Yuan Lee

        honestly …. maxis really not doing well for fiber so far… my place i am getting high latency on steam. slow download speed at 7mbps or 5 mbps on a 10mbps line. like today it was below 5mbps … not sure could it be tmnet doing some stuff on their tm btu…
        its terribly slow last whole 2 weeks. connecting throught another VPN node is faster and more stable comparing to standard maxis home fiber line.

  • lifeofahacker

    But I think now 10mbps doesnt cost RM199(210 w/ gst) , I think it actually cost lesser…..

    • Azlie Ibrahim

      I subscribed to VIP10 a year ago until now. Luckily I only have to pay RM179.00 + GST monthly as I get special rebate from TM

  • seancorr

    Meh…have to go to TM Point to upgrade…and that’s the last place I wanna go due to their awesomely slow customer service.

    • Chin Yee Siang

      UNIFI AGENT HERE . The 30 & 50 mbps is already here , sms//call/whatsapp me for more details . i would kindly assists you =) 0173356288. i am not from tm point so dont worry

  • uat88

    Why no 100Mbps?

  • MC Wong

    I was on unifi 5mbps then upgraded to 10mbps on a promotion this year. It doesn’t feel twice as fast, in fact I can’t feel any difference? Actually there are more frequent interruptions of a few minutes daily with zero data and the router goes dead and comes back to life. Sometimes lasting upto 10 minutes. Would paying so much more for 30mbps actually improve the speed? Speed test to the nearest exchange shows 10mbps but browsing is the same latency. Pointless getting 50mbps to kelana jaya but 1mbps to other destinations.

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    fyi people. myrepublic which is famous for offering fast but affordable broadband is aiming to provide their service in malaysia sometime in 2015-2018, but it highly dependent on government giving the okay. also due to the timing that hsbb under tmnut agreement will expire, thus allowing full LLU to let other isps have an even footing of providing service via hsbb network.

    “However, the would-be market entrant’s plan is dependent on Malaysian regulators creating an environment conducive to its disruptive model. Specifically, Rodrigues is waiting for the government to require that Telekom Malaysia open up its networks to other operators via full LLU, a process that could take place between now and 2018”

    what this would mean for consumers is 100mbps for 60-70 ringgit. yes you heard right :}


    so kinda risky to be locked into tmnut for 2 years. But then again we aren’t really sure if myrepublic will be able to enter this monopoly market.

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    LLU (local loop unbundling) you can read up what it is here (but change the context to ftth)

    “What are the advantages of LLU broadband?

    The two main advantages of LLU broadband are speed and price:

    Speed – Because LLU providers use their own equipment, rather than re-selling BT’s wholesale services, they are able to deliver faster broadband with additional features. But remember that advertised speeds will vary between providers, and it is unlikely you will ever really be getting the top headline speed. The actual speeds you receive depend on a range of factors, including your distance from the nearest exchange.

    Price – LLU broadband providers also have more control over their costs. Because they are making an upfront investment, as well as using their own equipment and technology – rather than re-selling BT’s wholesale service – they have more flexibility on price offer better deals.

    In most cases, it is just the broadband element of your connection that will be unbundled, which means you can receive broadband from one ISP whilst retaining a BT landline for making telephone calls.”

  • KokLiang Lim

    10mbps upload, no thanks lol

  • lamusiqa

    I recommend you guys to hold off from applying until after Raya. Why? Coz I signed up for the 50mbps package (10mbps upload is more than enough for low-latency online games, really) but no internet connectivity due to NOVA (their CRM system) having issues. Everything is installed since last Saturday but until now, still not fixed. Stupid “NOVA mismatch” issue.

    • Jonathan Poh Chee Yong

      Sorry to hear that. I upgraded just 1 day earlier (Friday) and it was up and running in 4 hours after submission.

  • .. and.. a person with a TM Streamyx is still STUCK with 1Mbps for RM99.. TM should FREE-ly upgrade their SPEED without EXTRA charged..

    • giveopinion

      TM is fxxing asshole, they simply changed old package RM88 which are 1Mbps previously to 512Kbps (new package) without your knowledge and throttle down your speed to 512Kbps. It happened to my uncle I called up 100 to complain but they turned deaf ear.

  • Andrew

    why need intro new package? no reduction for the current 5/10/20 mbps?

  • Andrew

    tm..pls review 5/10/20 mbps packages 🙂

  • Nd Loh

    if cannot switch from 10down/10up to 30down/5up for existing customer, I will switch to other.

  • KenZz

    lol!!!!! 5M upload speed?

  • Fox

    Please lower the price lol

  • George the Human

    5mbps up toplel

  • callmelansi

    Ok, I got a call from TM telemarketer telling me that i can migrate to new Unifi 30 + HyppTV Mega Pack for RM219. This guy bluffed me that this is a discount because Unifi 30 usually costs RM199 and Mega Pack for RM50. Apparently this is just the regular price Unifi 30 RM169 + Mega Pack RM50. Don’t listen to them and jump into conclusion. Wait for TM to announce new package pricing first
    . FYI, i’m using VIP 10 + Mega Pack now, RM 199.

    • Azlie Ibrahim

      Received the same call last Monday. I straight away agreed to upgrade to 30mbps & the girl promise me the upgrade process takes about 3 working days. However, until today nothing change to my internet speed at home. I called Unifi center just now to check the progress but surprisingly they told me that they don’t do anything & suspect the girl who called me do not follow up. So I have to wait another Sales Person to call me again. Well, this time I may not upgrade to Unifi 30. Wait for TM to announce to public

      • Chin Yee Siang

        UNIFI AGENT HERE . The 30 & 50 mbps is already here , sms//call/whatsapp me for more details . i would kindly assists you =) 0173356288 i promise you the best service from me. Thanks

  • Gavin Yong

    “Under the 30Mbps package, users are also changed 21 sen per minute for calls from UniFi’s DECT phone”
    I think you mean charged

  • sesapa

    I don’t care about upload.. consumer Internet package around the world offer the same smaller upload.. even in Europe implementation also the same..

  • Sharing info..
    Experience from TM Telemarketing by CALL..
    They call me up recently, give OFFER.. upgrade my TM 1Mbps (RM99 – exclude GST) to 2Mbps (RM120 – exclude GST).
    After all verification done on the phone.. I agreed with the said offer.. a few day later, I follow up.. they say I’m not entitle for that offer because my phone-line “node” (or whatever) for my particular area is not covered.. and bla bla bla..
    First.. they offer.. when agreed.. they can’t supply.. what kind of service is this..
    I’ve been with the TM streamyx package for more that 5 years now.. meaning RM1,200 x 5 years.. and still LOYALTY on service is a LET DOWN..
    Open for ALTERNATIVES..