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The OnePlus 2 Will Use a Top-of-the-Line 4GB LPDDR4 RAM

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  1. Arvin says:

    the processor is shit

    1. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

      Well, compared to what? SD 810 got 2 version, the “hot” one is normal sd810, newer one is sd810 v2.1

      1. Arvin says:

        WHEN compared to sd 820 which will be the norm for upcoming flagship smartphones…and one olus 2 still using sd810?? Ptuiiii

        1. Night says:

          Pfttt, 820 !? that so outdated, it should be using 850

          1. Arvin says:

            bodoh sd820 never even reach to consumers yet u telling outdated.. #fail

      2. James Spader says:

        I read Xiaomi using the v2.1 also have heating problems on Mi Note Pro. Better stay away from this. Still can’t trust it.

        1. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

          After googling a bit, you’re right…haish…

    2. user99999 says:

      All it takes is to design a proper heatsink system which could properly channel the heat. that’s when the shit is on you.

      1. Arvin says: matter what heat sink they create..the performance will still be the same performance as the dated sd810

        1. user99999 says:

          heated proc will be throttled. non-heated proc will not be throttled. get the gist man?

  2. Leon Yeo says:

    So it can fly now?

  3. Terryble says:

    Damn interested in getting one~~just wondering when will it comes to Malaysia~~Oneplus had greatly dissapointed us once~~hope they don’t ever make the same mistake again~~

  4. Zhi Hong Gan says:

    DDR4 over DDR3 performance gain is unnoticeable.

    1. truman6 says:

      just some minor performance in battery saving..but not noticeable like u said..

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