Microsoft Amends Free Windows 10 Promise… Again

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    So upgrade from win 7 or 8 is not affected?

    1. kzm says:

      No this is for Windows Insider

  2. hayrol says:

    In the end, it’s pay2use.


    1. kzm says:

      of coz la u need to pay2use same like now..but it is free for current W7/8.1 user for pipu who upgrade within 1 yr..

  3. Zam Matt says:

    Coming from an Indian (Satya) usual.

    1. kzm says: is from Gabe Aul

  4. KG says:

    If it’s not activated, can the user still receive/install updates?

  5. Marku says:

    If free permanent like Apple’s OS, i will go for it.

    1. awg says:

      they paid upfront within the hardware price..that’s apple style

    2. kzm says:

      Can u install that free Apple OS to any pc or laptop? where can get?

    3. Aniki says:

      u tot apple OS is free? the hardware price is crazy like hell~

    4. Christos Quake says:

      It’s permanent free for users bought a computer with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 just like newer OS X is permanent free for those running Snow Leopard and newer.

  6. KS Yeoh says:

    I think Gabe Aul mentioned in his twitter that it’ll be activated but not licensed. So, what you’ll get is copy of genuine full version of Win10 if you stay with Insider (But, you can opt out anytime). The only difference is the EULA between licensed and non-licensed I believe.

  7. Gabriel Hameji says:

    Well, I’m using Windows 8.1 (Genuine), so do I get the free upgrade?

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