Tear Down Reveals Beats Headsets Cost RM63 To Make

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  1. Xing Lim says:

    To sell something so simple, yet sell it at an exorbitant rate and finally make insanely amount of gross profit margin.

    I ain’t even mad, I’m impressed with what was done.

    1. KenZz says:

      Its call the effect of advertising. People who actually audiophile don’t go for it. For the price you buy beat you can get way superior headphones

      1. Xing Lim says:

        Couldn’t agree more with you. I guess they’ve succeeded in squeezing every drop of blood from ignorant sheeps.

        1. Taufiq Faryadi says:

          speaking of ignorance…. the plural of sheep is sheep.
          but yea i agree that overpriced stuff is just hyped up.

          1. Xing Lim says:

            Didn’t know that plural of sheep is also sheep. Thanks for the info 🙂

  2. Motoyama says:

    Which is why i never buy headphones.

  3. nilinaxolotl says:

    I am still wondering why people still buy it although the quality is just the same as my RM60 Philips headphone.

    1. Ahmad Azizi says:

      for fame…

  4. InfoO2 says:

    Biasa la

  5. Emimarson says:

    I already told my friends so many times, Beats is overpriced junk, even my RM200+ Philips earphone better than their Monster Beats Pro.

    1. megablue says:

      For average consumers, Philips are really good. perfomance over price wise.

  6. Aniki says:

    same as apple

    1. chunster says:

      Care to explain your viewpoint? I’m very curious.

    2. Ethanix says:

      at least apple worked hard and selling for its ios, but beats *pfpft

      1. Aniki says:

        i thought they claimed the OS is FOC~
        It’s still overpriced and there is Android OS which made similar to iOS with additional features that apple dun have – MIUI

        1. Ethanix says:

          yep I like MIUI better
          I own a Mi3

  7. zzzxtreme says:

    overpriced junk. no studios use their headphones.
    studio’s mid range choices :

  8. blawn i asian says:

    most of their cost thrown at marketing with celebrity endorsements

  9. Ahmad Afiq says:

    Dah tak relevan rasanya Beats ni

  10. Jonathan Phang says:

    Are you sure that really is a genuine US$199 Beats SOLO? What showed above was a RM200 fake SOLO HD I bought back in my time and a genuine one should have tweeter in each earcup , so totally up 4 speaker driver in a headphone plus the diaphram is metallic :3

    1. Duck Knight says:

      Sadly it’s original. Look at the pictures again, it’s metal hinge. If it was plastic, that would give it away cause I’ve never seen metal hinge for the fake beats. And fake one should have wires permanently attached to the beats.

      1. snapfinger says:

        i have one Beats Pro replica, got it as Xmas gift long time ago, very heavy, whole thing made of metal. but the sounds quality like shit.

    2. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

      Please read the source….just…please…

  11. uat88 says:

    Ain’t never buy Beats products anymore.

  12. vez says:

    well, can anyone spend RM63 to buy those parts and assemble one?
    or spend 5-10 times of RM63 to assemble one?
    if not, why bothering how much the parts cost

    one day you invent something with just RM1 of cost, will you sell it at RM1 when it goes mass production? Build a plant, advertise, get people to work for you… etc

    1. Airyl says:

      No you can’t. But you can buy a pair of RM60 Phillips headphones which sound near identical, if not better.

    2. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

      I’m not sure if you fully read the source and understand it…or izzit you already bought a lot of Beats products???

    3. Ethanix says:

      thats overpriced shits
      aduh u didn’t belajar math kah

    4. Adrian Oh says:

      must be a very pain butt and cannot accept the truth…

  13. voon says:

    they acquire by apple
    nvm, ifag still rike it

  14. gsforlife says:

    RM750 better buy 5.1 speaker

  15. JayQ330 says:

    I always known that the Chinese knock offs are better than the official one’s … What? Did people expect because Dr.Dre says he fine tuned them to sound just as music is supposed to, it was his business to BS & sell. Placebo worked out great for him & Apple, maybe that’s why apple bought them.

  16. speedrider says:

    So… Many… Buthurt fanboys….

    1. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

      Sadly most of them (if not all) seems like they didn’t read the source…

  17. Andrew Tan says:

    I test few model of beats before and I know it sounds rubbish.

    Never like this brand ever. This company always sell cut throat price product.

    Great people open up and unveiled the actual cost.

  18. coopisch says:

    so far sony is still my to go headphones.

  19. kw says:

    its a ripped offf…

  20. truman6 says:

    i dun own 1 as i prefer different brand….but still, i offer rm100 for those who could build the same thing for me…exactly the same thing with same quality..can?

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