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DxO One Turns Your iPhone Into A Premium Point-And-Shoot Camera

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  1. zzzxtreme says:

    cheaper than Sony QX1, albeit not as flexible

  2. Filament says:

    can it even stick to the phone firmly? i mean, just connected by that tiny port at the bottom of the phone is strong enough is it?

  3. voon says:

    with Rm2230 go buy a proper camera pls

  4. uat88 says:

    It’s a nice concept but the price too high although the software bundled is good. Hope the FilmPack is Elite edition. Hope for price drop 6 months down the road. Oh and one more, they should come out for an Android phone.

  5. chachamambo says:

    Hope Xiaomi can come out with a similar gadget for androids but priced very very much cheaper. There’s a huge market of users for them to tap.

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