Get Your Wallet Ready, Steam Summer Sale Reportedly Happening on 11 June 2015

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  1. SkullJuJu says:

    Thanks Maybank for controlling my urges.

    1. Xing Lim says:

      I’ve got no issue buying Steam games with my AMEX – Maybank card (craps !)

      1. kzm says:

        Debit card

  2. James Spader says:

    GTA V 75% discount. Witcher 3 75% discount. Got??? LOL.

    1. SkullJuJu says:

      That was last year, when discounts were thick and wallets are thin.

  3. Jesreel Andales Jr Gallardo says:

    Don’t bother calling Maybank as i have tried and they will not Unblock the debit card at all.

    1. Cyrus says:

      yea, last time i call to maybank request them to lift the block temporary for me to purchase from steam but they say it is not possible. maybank has total block steam.

  4. Storm says:

    I heard CIMB debit cards still work is that correct?

  5. Dawja Xavier says:

    As soon as my debit card was blocked by Maybank..I opened a CIMB Kwik Account..Pretty convenient,can open online,low fees,no block at all since it is basically recognised as a credit card. *I don’t get paid saying this*

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