Meizu Malaysia Opens Pre-Order for 32GB M1 Note, To Be Available Before April

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  1. Youyou You says:

    really sad… feel sad to GST… sad country… poor Malaysian… sad…

  2. Kenny Bimmer says:

    Another COPY-CAT

  3. uat88 says:

    GST sucks. Period. But thought you could not do GST pre-sales advert.

  4. carnby77 says:

    looks like i have to hold all my purchase till gst is gone..or go buy online…

  5. NightFelix says:

    No thanks, Asus Padfone S is better buy.

    1. Airyl says:

      No it isn’t.

  6. kembang kecut says:

    after GST no one buy. then the market will drop

  7. sadFace says:

    GST sucks, MYR sucks, sigh..

  8. papy22 says:

    m1 note is a fairly economical smartphone that offers a beautiful datasheet for a mobile to 229 euros, the m1 notes and really very interested but it has flaws, compatibility particularly limited on 4G networks.

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