Storekini Opens Preorder for Airwheel X3 at only RM1,700, Comes with Free Delivery

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  1. Might as well just get a wheelchair

    1. truman6 says:

      lol! yea, at least wheelchair gets a seat..this, u hav to stand…lol

    2. Alvin Wong says:

      wheelchair is less fun =)

      1. uat88 says:

        Wheelchair pakai tangan. AirWheel pakai Air a.k.a battery.

        1. Alvin Wong says:

          to be fair wheelchair also got pakai battery =P

  2. CY says:

    You mention x3 and the distance is 15km to 18km. But i check on their official website is only 4-6 miles which makes it only 6km – 9km. that is already overselling by more than twices the distances.
    Consumer wont be happy when they travel 6km and found the battery dry and have to carry it for the rest of the 9km.

    1. Alvin Wong says:

      Hi CY, pretty interesting information you have there, mind sharing the link to the site you quoted from? – Alvin

        1. Alvin Wong says:

          Now i get where it comes from… Theairwheel isnt the official site of Airwheel. Not sure where they get the numbers.

          Official website for Airwheel is which quoted the range for 170wh variat at max 23km.
          We have tested the range for Airwheel X3 132 wh in Malaysia ourselves, the numbers are quite promising. The 10km run on the 1 Feb Sunday Car free morning, i recorded 9km on Strava with my brother riding the X3, and by the end of that there’s still 2 out of 4 lights on the unit. i can safely say the range of the Airwheel X3 is about 15km in real life environment. =)

          This is our global page with product information, we also quoted the range based on the 132wh variant provided by the manufacturers =)

  3. Cyrus says:

    awaiting china brand

    1. Alvin Wong says:

      Like many other good things. Airwheel is manufactured in China =) So is Airwheel what you are waiting for?
      Besides, we have battery warranty, that’s important =)

      Inventist were selling Solowheel in the US that cost around $2000 USD (not yet counted shipping) in the early days. it now still costs $1,595.00 before shipping charges.
      Airwheel initially was based on the same concept but has improved in terms of Quality and became more affordable, most expensive Airwheel Q range and X range units are under RM2900, that’s half the price.

  4. raoul3650 says:

    X3 got 2 version model. 132 wh & 170 wh.
    Differences is extra mileage between 5 – 8 km for the 170 wh.
    Not sure why ? But could it be the 132 wh is a older version ?
    132 wh is the version which Storekini is offering now.

    1. Alvin Wong says:

      Raoul, dont worry it’s not an older version. X3 has a couple of variants, from 132wh, 170wh, 340wh, they are merely different battery capacities. Besides the range that is affected by the capacity the performances are the same.
      The 132wh version of Airwheel X3 Storekini carries is the entry level model of the Airwheel range. It’s light and inexpensive for anyone that wants to try out Airwheel but is unsure to spend RM 2799 on an X8.
      With that said, Airwheel X3 is still a very capable ride =) do checkout the videos we’ve postedat

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