DiGi Makes Fun of MaxisONE Postpaid Plan with Pandacorn Parody

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  1. Rarity says:

    reminds me of the Final Fantasy 8 intro . lol

  2. +Six says:

    Such a childish ad. Parading stupid pandacon to poke fun and con subscribers. Seriously who’s their ad agency? Digi better make sure your network OK first la before made fun of your ex-CEO with your so called Funny video. U guys wanna grow big but before that let’s grow up first.

    1. joan says:

      Lol you must be a maxis employee.

    2. 7even says:

      a lil bit of childish brings fun into a competitive industry. How many can brag about that

      1. truman6 says:

        i’m using maxis & my wife using digi…digi with full speed while my maxis line sux like shit at my home…

        1. David Lee says:

          My aunt and mom uses Maxis, I use Digi. Half of the time call cannot get through, and it’s not Digi’s network- because I can get through to the house phone. Just cannot get through when I call their handphones.

          1. truman6 says:

            test adi..digi line no prob, tm line no prob…maxis..haizzzzzz

  3. ahmande says:

    Contrary to popular believe. I honestly think DiGi has one of the more superior networks. I carry two sims, one DiGi and one Celcom – while DiGi may not have as much coverage as Celcom, their data quality has increased leap and bounds. Would never turn back to Maxis ever again , my family members are suffering on contract and can’t wait to get out

  4. Cyrus says:

    almost lose control of laughing while watching the video for first time 😀 digi prank maxis so much, haha

  5. Wan Kay says:

    Digi you rawks!

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