In Its Galaxy Note 3 Neo Promotion, Samsung Has Unfairly Been Painted as The Bad Guy

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  1. Andre Kua says:

    If you insist so, then why not Samsung Malaysia make selected invite by choosing random Facebook users for all the 1240 units? Are you trying to tell me they didn’t expect Malaysian staffs to behaved the way they did?

    Losing to an enemy you can see is okay. Losing to one that’s invisible is another story.

  2. Nik Kamil says:

    My father went to Samsung Center in Kota Bharu.. The seller said that they got stock on promo Note 3 Neo but need to sign up with Digi RM146 (2 years contract).. Duhhh

  3. Edward Chong says:

    Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi.

    And that my dear, is one of the many reasons why I don’t buy Samsung.

  4. Dreal says:

    To a big corporation, this kind of stuff is just a tiny dent in their record.
    Yes there are angry customers now, but how many more didn’t know about this.

    Ex. happy S4 and S5 customers surely wouldn’t even bother, and many more will only say “alaaa those cheapskate people only buy discounted stuff, when cannot get then marah2”.
    Not to mention Galaxy S vs Galaxy Note among Samsung fans, I think S fans surely just laugh at Note fans.

    But in all seriousness this looks big to us Gadget geeks, but overall in Malaysia the ratio is just meh.

    1. truman6 says:

      well, i one of those not really interested..lol…& i did fight for a set of mi3..hehe

  5. tyro says:

    While I totally agree with you that the dealers were unethical, but I could not disagree more with your title. SME is definitely not unfairly blamed.

    If there is a need to blame a party (there’s actually no need as the damage is already done to customers’ wasted time and Samsung’s reputation), Samsung Malaysia is the first to be blamed for failing to plan a proper promotion.

    The same way how insurance companies have to manage their agents and how telcos have to manage their partners, SME bears the blame for all the chaos. It would be impossible for SME to not foresee dealers keeping the stock for own use or for their friends. It is also not hard to know that dealers being fortune hunters will force customers to buy inflated screen protectors/casing to qualify for that offer. SME’s Marketing/Sales team probably know these scenarios like the back of their hands.

    The way you shift the blame away from SME is like saying parents are totally not responsible for their kid’s bad behaviour. It’s unfair to say that SME are scammers, but they are definitely responsible for this blunder.

    1. James Spader says:

      Totally agreed. Is lowyat.net paid off by Samsung for writing such an article?? It’s like trying to shift all blames to dealers….One have to ponder….

      1. Joshua Ericsson Zen says:

        Don’t jump the gun in that sense. Any proper company that deploys a market campaign is usually clear cut. They aim the dealers because internally, they only care about the sales, and if the sales is fulfilled, everything else is a second to none priority. They can have all the stocks in the world, but what they missed out was who can or cannot buy it (staff/other dealers). A poor lack of communication and triangulation is to be blamed.

        1. James Spader says:

          Simple thing like this cannot foresee? Hello, Mr Samsung staff!

        2. Ker KM says:

          Samsung did not do this to increase sales, at least not for these 1240 sets. They did this to counter the Xiaomi phone launch by launching a pre-emptive strike to win back the hearts and minds of potential Xiaomi buyers towards Samsung. But failed horribly because they did not plan. (Probably dreamed up by some numbskull marketing person with no real experience in such matters…)

      2. OneTwoJuice says:

        yea, totally being paid. Similar style of writing can be found on their new post pasal defending Malaysia “not that slow lah, Malaysia bagus” internet speed -> http://www.lowyat.net/2014/05/opinion-in-defence-of-malaysias-slow-internet/

    2. Jake Jacobs says:


    3. michael says:

      Don’t worry. The King of Scalpers is already selling the sets. It is SenQ.


      What a killing. Rm1149 – RM850 = untung bersih at Samsung’s expense. Now Samsung nama busuk.

      1. truman6 says:

        looks like after xiaomi mi3 hype..anyone who sell anything that is more expensive than “PROMOTIONAL” price, you guys will say that they’re scalpers..LOL…I wonder anyone of you do really understand what scalpers & Promotional Price really means.

        1. frustrated_user says:

          @truman6:disqus i think you clearly missed the point here. We’re frustrated and annoyed by the fact that a big corporation announced official promo which ended/sold out before it even started, and then the next thing another corporation comes out with the EXACT same promo with lesser units and a higher price. I’m no genius, but I think any fool would agree that this is a obvious scam. Just saying.

          another thing is that if a new phone can go as low as that price, means they’re seriously overcharging the item at its original price. Just my 2 cents.

  6. blawn i asian says:

    meh. this is malaysian style cronism.

  7. eworld says:

    I think it is Samsung fault when they failed to “manage” their retailers. They could have made it clear to all participants that this promotion has to be sold to the retail customers in the shop at the offer date, and warn them surprise audit will be performed (by sending fake customers) to check their behavior. No “pre-sales” or “keep the devices for themselves” allowed. They did not do anything and they have no one to blame but themselves for wasting money on a big advertisement and yet get negative publicity in return. It is not like they would not have known how Malaysian businesses behave.

  8. Yen says:

    Just wondering how much money did Samsung pay you to write this, or ure just brainless. Definitely Samsung Malaysia should take the blame, just giving the stock to the dealers and said that it is hard to control, nothing much can be done, bla bla bla…… if they really wants to benefit the customer there are so many ways to make sure the stock were sold with they way it should be.

    1. Yen says:

      Helping some1 to play victim is what i see here

      1. tcmean says:

        “This comment is awaiting moderation.” LOL

  9. Amin K says:

    Someone should report this to Malaysia Competition Commision (MYCC), SKMM or KPDNKK as it is really misleading advertorial. This company and retailers must be investigated, then only they will behave.

    1. Wan Taquddin says:

      I already did. Filed a report to Consumer Tribunal.

      1. James Spader says:

        Sure boh? I think if you need petiton, everyone here can sign!

      2. truman6 says:

        really anot? keyboard warrior only or wut? i would give my free signature TOO for petition over dirty companies..

  10. James Spader says:

    Just do like XiaoMi do. Do online sales promotion. Sold out in minutes. No need queue up, If you don’t get your phone, you also won’t waste your time. Queue up to buy is so old school. And i am not even young….LOL

    1. InfoO2 says:

      While some still anger that they didn’t get the phone, LOLOL

      1. Jonathan says:

        No worries 6000 sets coming next week, and Digi also launching.

    2. truman6 says:

      yea..totally agree…but its not about young or old..tech world become quite mature now..there’s no need to queue up for a gadgets…if not xiaomi, why not like maxis or digi selling their iphone 5s last november? invitation then fill up the form, submit before certain date, go make payment & claim it.

      It was so relax when i claim my 5s at maxis center..

      1. Dreal says:

        So true… queuing to get it first is seriously just for bragging rights.
        And MAJORITY who bought Note because they “need” seriously did not use more than 20% of the Note’s potential.
        I wonder why Malaysians are even accepting this culture… ah yes.. I guess it is called materialistic-ism.

  11. James Spader says:

    And i agreed with some readers here…Samsung is to be blamed. They should foresee this will happen. There’s so many easy way to do it. Ex:
    1) Xiaomi style online sales.
    2) Random FB selection
    3) Simple registration system. Customer who registered will be selected randomly to buy the phone.

    How difficult is it????

    1. Brandon Leong says:

      samsung big corp, who care u…muahahhaa, wonder who still go for ss while so many good phone coming out

    2. ghostbtr says:

      They want the Apple huhah and long queue phenomena to show off to other maker. Stupid move!

  12. Chor Win Lee says:

    XiaoMi Mi3 online sale method is fair to everyone. You need hunt for it, and no pre-book or abuse as a staff. 🙂

  13. mr2k9 says:

    Long story short lowyat.net think Samsung is god while participating outlet is Satan… Too bad we all see them as evil greedy company….

  14. Jonathan says:

    Yes, Samsung is to blame. Firstly, I do not agree on having limited time (i.e few hours or day) sale of items. It’s very unfair to your customers who bought it at normal price. It’s OK to lower the price of an item permanently, eg when a newer model is coming soon.

    Apple had a 1 day promotion for all of their products a few months back. While it’s unfair to those who just bought their stuff at normal price, but at least they didn’t limit the stocks. AFAIK, the Apple online store and all Apple re-sellers were selling the items at the promo price.

    1. truman6 says:

      kwailou do business is totally different than asians ler…cos anything not fair, they can be easily get sued by anyone..here in asian countries, i dun think lawyers will want to take your case.

  15. aepock says:

    That’s why samsung will not get my $$$…i don’t trust them since my galaxy s2

  16. n305er says:

    For anyone doing their Business related FYP thesis, this is a very good point for Online Business VS retail business advantage/disadvantage.

  17. tcmean says:

    So who is now painted as bad guy in this article? All the Samsung outlets are representing Samsung. It definitely has to take the blame. Be responsible for your customer.

  18. Tong Sing Chit says:

    I think Xiaomi’s business strategy more better than Samsung. Xiaomi just open for sales to public by online, first come first serve basis, those latecomer cannot be blame others.

    Unlike Samsung’s participated outlets, I am felt lucky that I’m not queue at there because I already expected these issues would be happen.

  19. bladegun says:

    Samsung created this opportunity for shop owners to do damage to their image. Who’s fault is this?

    A marketing event that has resulted in nothing but 1000+ unsatisfied customers. Who’s fault is this?

    The Samsung marketing team failed to foresee this. Who’s fault is this?

  20. TOMEI-R says:

    All in all, because people’s mindset are already stuck at the promotion price of Rm850, I dont think anyone in their right minds would still wanna buy the phone at RRP.

    1. truman6 says:

      yea, totally agree…you can see that sum1 already assume anyone who sell at more expensive price instead of the PROMOTIONAL price, a scalpers….SenQ included…lol…

  21. Kian Tee says:

    This writer again! Last time he was seen defending another company. He should go for ethical courses. The ULTIMATE responsibility still lies with Samsung. Stupid!

  22. Kian Tee says:

    I am not surprised if, for example, someone from Low Yat already successfully “pre-book” the unit or maybe given free!

    1. truman6 says:

      well, it was admitted by some someone..

  23. igbal says:

    Went to One City and the owner apologize to all of us plus free free thumb drive. First 20 collected the phones the next day..: )

  24. Bendtner Dennis says:

    Worst Promotion ever…..

  25. Dwijadas says:

    Samsung makes good device but once its little old ? I have seen my collegues who dont want to buy another samsung ! Most of them getting a Xiaomi.

  26. YC says:

    My friend’s just told me he got a samsung outlet partner wanna let go of 20 units NEO at RM900 each. WTF… I scold him immediately because me & my family are in the queue (before shop open) to grab the NEO but end up with No Stock.

    If I’m Samsung, I will ask dealer to write down buyer I.C or photostate. At least this this would minimize the unfair incidence happened

  27. west says:

    one word – samseng penipu scammer

  28. Choong Kon Keong says:

    This reflex Malaysian culture! Idea is good and noble, but the implementation are all screw up! At least for the part of Samsung, should run a interest registration, then randomly draw the lucky buyers, instead let the dealers screw them up! Just be honest, how many of you really trust your phone dealers?

  29. ahtung79 says:

    this is what happen on last tuesday. only on last tuesday –>

    xiaomi win. samsung lose.
    4000 units vs 1240 units…pffftttt

    let’s see next tuesday samsung nak jual which model at 50% pulak…

    1. ghostbtr says:

      XiaoMi is open another firesell 27May. Now what samsung? Galaxy S5 prime/mini/ace/advance/etc…

  30. Andrew says:

    In your article, you can’t justified the “unfairly” part.
    It’s SAMSUNG AUTHORISE store, means they authorise the way how they did it too, directly or indirectly !

    Even with AMD example , two wrong doesnt make it right !
    AMD can just bundle the game direct into their product package like some of the aftermarket GC brand did !

    This article is totally BS !

    1. James Spader says:

      Well said.

  31. disqus_OGg89YwT0B says:

    if u can’t control authorize store.. whats the point of trying to have ppl trust ur authorization? it’s called authorized store for a reason u know.. this is like KFC or McD saying that.. oh your zinger burger or mcnuggets don’t taste the same? blame the branch… No.. your responsible for all of it.. you have to admit where is the problem.. if you can’t control the store.. thats your problem.. they put ur logo on their shop to represent you.. it’s not a banner space get it?

  32. Benjamin Oceanict says:

    Putting the Blame on the Dealer or Samsung?! I will say Samsung!

    “We were told that yes, there were a total of 1240 units allocated to 62 outlets, but Samsung cannot fully control who buys them.”

    1st, Samsung having this stupid promotion . WHY NOT make it – only 1 hour promo, instead of 3 days?
    2nd, Samsung sounded irresponsible on the whole incident, no wonder dealers can keep stock for themselves. Moreover, can reserved for customer, even before the promo started on actual day.

    After so many years given up on Samsung product and yet, my effort telling me, “please continue boycott Samsung”.

  33. kudos says:

    I called Welfon IOI Puchong after got the news from lowyat.net the night before, they said all reserved. Then I call Welfon Sunway, they didn’t even know of such promotion.

  34. Mohd Safuan Abd Rahman says:

    so, Samsung Malaysia has zero governance towards its dealers & zero accountability too eh? does the writer realize how ridiculous that sounds? what next then, brand dealers mark-up their devices on launch day (effectively become an authorized scalpers) to take advantage on eager early adopters?

  35. Fakhrul Hafiz says:

    wow. bias much? jilat samsung’s butthole isit?

    are you bringing news? or personal opinion? because, the word “unfairly” itself, IN THE MAIN TITLE, is a matter of subjectivity and it is an OPINION.

    author, you sucks.. i thought this is a professional site, I WAS SO WRONG.

  36. Fakhrul Hafiz says:

    samsung is the one that ORGANIZE the freaking promotion, GET CONTROL OVER IT. now now, samsung isnt even wrong? much wow author. you’re not even as half as smart as me.

  37. GameSky says:

    I don’t even know about this promo, not even local retailers promote about these..

  38. ku says:

    OH SH*T , I wish to get 1 unit , but where is the stock?
    OH WAIT, what? this is SAMSUNG?
    LOL , it doesnt matter then
    i tought it was MI3 ,

  39. CARtoon says:

    I don’t agree. Of late you have been glaringly bias in your reports and articles that im not even sure who you are now.

    As the principal of the brand, SME is the gate-keeper, the champion of the brand and more importantly, customer experience. If they are not accountable for this farcical sale, then any tom, dick and harry would be throwing price and make a mockery out of the brand as and when they like.

    Price integrity, supply chain management and CRM are so important in retail and if Samsung fails to understand such basic principles, then I wish them luck. Wish you luck too.

  40. Jis Len says:

    OI i think this is indeed Samsung Fault, its not their first campaign! And 1240 units for the whole Market???

  41. Ker KM says:

    My response to this article? Absolute rubbish! The writer should be ashamed of himself to even try to rationalise such a shameful episode perpetrated by Samsung Malaysia on its customers! AND SAMSUNG DOESN’T EVEN CARE! So much hoohah in the market and they have been totally silent. Instead they get you to try to defend and justify the fiasco. Shame on you!

  42. Matt Teoh says:

    No, totally disagree, SME not the one who should be blamed, but the one who should responsible.They came out with such promotion to compete, then should be came proper way of promote it. People are reasonable…Did you see any massive crowd complaining when Huawei launch their Honor 3C? Same goes to XiaoMi Mi3.

    Simple scenario: When your boss tell you, your salary this month being robbed, so consider gone. Will you say such things as above? Is the robber to get blamed, but still is your boss responsibilities to pay you back your salary right~

  43. Pang Tun Yau says:

    Hey all – to those who have commented on this post, I thank you. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I appreciate each and every one of yours. They gave me fresh perspective on the topic.

    This issue is clearly highly-charged, and there are many ways to look at this situation. In the case of this article, the intention was to highlight the shenanigans of various retailers who employed various tactics to hold back stocks and make a quick buck. In fact, the comments by people who wanted to share their experience, both here and in our original announcement post, validated my thoughts. Those comments indicated the varied approaches by different outlets to hold back stocks.

    That said, the phrase in the headline “Samsung has unfairly been painted as the bad guy”, is perhaps an overstatement. It was written to draw emphasis and attention towards the actions of said retailers. Nevertheless, I recognise also that the ultimate responsibility of governance and enforcement lies with Samsung. It does not, however, mean that these retailers are free to do as they please – especially when they are so-called authorized outlets.

    With that in mind, comments by some of you suggesting alternative promotions that Samsung could have done were actually useful. Let’s hope Samsung sees them and be inspired by them for future promotions.

    As always, your engagement in this post has been very valuable and your constructive comments are much appreciated. Let’s keep conversations such as these going for future posts.

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