Sony Malaysia Quietly Opens Pre-Order for New Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet

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  1. Heeloh says:

    pre-order …. UOB Malaysia can get

    Pricing …. all in already ….

  2. Danny says:

    Good job! RRP will be RM2399 then.

    Considering, the Z2 comes with an improved camera, SOC over the Z1.
    Considering Sony took the heads up from HTC dual front facing speaker.
    Considering the improved PPS display vs TN Display.
    Considering it weighs lighter than the Z1.

    I think Sony did listened and improved their flagship.
    And a product cycle of 6 months. Sony is putting its mark in smart phones. While it is still early in the year. I think the Z2 might be gunning for 2014’s phone of the year!

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