[BREAKING] DiGi Announces New DG SmartPlan with 4G LTE

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  1. ip man says:

    do I need to change Sim card to use 4G?

    1. seancorr says:

      I had mine changed when I wanted to use their 4G but don’t bother. Their 4G coverage is pathetic. Ever since I gotten my new SIM I’ve never had the chance to use it as the place I live and visit all do not have Digi 4G coverage.

      1. Andrew says:

        They did share the coverage , did you ever bother to read before doing anything stupid ?

    2. Huei Song says:

      Yup, you’ll need the new DiGi USIM card to get LTE. Check out or other post for more information:


  2. ip man says:

    wrong info, Smart Plan 50 does not entitled for free weekend call

    1. ip man says:

      you just changed. ^^

    2. Huei Song says:

      SORRY! What was I writing. Yes thanks for informing! 😀

  3. Raz says:

    Compare to previous 88 Plan : 78Plan lack of bill rebates after exceeding certain amount + huge reduce on sms and call bundle

  4. coopisch says:

    still not worth it, i hate the smart apps quota, i doubt many of us will be using over 1gb of data just for facebook, whatsapp, twitter, wechat; let alone 3gbs…

    1. Raymond says:

      I am thinking to jump ship to Maxis with their latest RM58 package which includes 120mins call + 120sms to all network & 2GB data. The data speed with slow down after hitting 2GB usage. This is far a good package compare to Digi.

      1. coopisch says:

        Which plan is this? care to share?

  5. Raymond says:

    Just called up to Digi. Their Smart Plan 50 does not bundled with call and there will be no Bonus Link points rewards. This is not an attractive plan. Their new plan is more expensive + not attractive to consumers.

  6. kit says:

    so late lahhhh, wat LTE,need change sim card lahhh. make it easy and steady,ok! i already switch to other operator because want use their LTE, need many condition.

  7. Raph says:

    I think old plan 88 still better if looking at voice & sms. Btw what does onnet and offnet mean. When will digi introduce share sim as like U telco did

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